Photojournal of Palm Springs + Smartphone Photography Tips

I mentioned in last week’s post that I just got back from a week in Palm Springs participating in my own mini-House Hunters experience. While I was there I did what I usually do… and took way too many photos of the mountains, the desert landscape, & the mid-century dream that is Palm Springs!  I thought I’d share a few favorites with you below & share a few tips that (I hope) help me take good photos!

Lets kick things off with a pretty good intro to Palm Springs… water features and cocktails!
The Triada is an adorable Marriott hotel located in the center of the city, while it’s not the standard Palm Springs Mid-Century it’s still one of my favorite places.
The views around Palm Springs can’t be beat, who doesn’t love palm trees with a mountain in the distance?
No distractions this time around, just the beauty of a mid-morning sun over the mountains.
Finally something a little silly, because who doesn’t love a jumping photo?

While I won’t say that these are NatGeo level photos, I think I did an ok job of capturing not just the image but in some cases the moment.  The team at Aura Frames have created a smart frame that will help you share these moments (without a trip to CVS & the hassle of taking apart photo frames) in fact you don’t even need to think about what picture you want to put into the frame!  Aura Frames feature a smart technology that auto selects the best photos & those featuring the people you take pictures with most often.  This allows you to take the photos but let someone else worry about figuring out what to frame.

They also have some tips (that I used in a few of the photos above) to capture the best image in any given situation.


One of my favorite tips from them is to force the focus, I love to take photos with a slight blur in the background (like in the first photo) I feel like it creates an interesting background.  I also really like the second photo above because of all the textures, you’ve got the mountains, the green from the plants/trees, the dirt, & the beautiful roof of the hotel.

What are some of your favorite tips for taking or displaying your photos?


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