House Hunting in Palm Springs



I like many people in my generation just assume that we can do most everything online by ourselves. We have Uber, Postmates, Amazon Prime, and the list goes on… so why should the house hunt be any different?  Before we actually landed in Palm Springs we’d been looking at Zillow, HotPads, and any other rental site I could get my hands on for possible options on the market. I felt pretty confident that we’d be able to find something between a few rental houses, a townhouse or two listed by the owner, or our backup an apartment building…. BUT thankfully I went ahead and made contact with a local realtor that I’d met during a previous visit to the desert.

In addition to showing us everything we’d found on Zillow(and such) he was able to show us a ton more properties that weren’t listed on any of those sites!  I basically lived an episode of House Hunters (aka a DREAM) for a few hours from the backseat of his car. We didn’t find anything that first day that we wanted to sign for immediately but he promised he’d have some more options for us now that he had an idea of our tastes.

We then heard back from him about 2 days later & he wanted to show us a few more options that he’d found for us. He drove us by a few houses, pointed out a development or two, and finally pulled up to a building he felt would be perfect for us, and was it ever!  He totally hit the ball out of the park with a property that wasn’t listed anywhere online. If it weren’t for him I’d never have found this place (and it’s a great place!).

I can’t wait to share some pictures and such with you shortly, but before I do I wanted to pass along this story if only to say… maybe, just maybe, the old way of doing things can be better.  We are officially down to less than 6 weeks till I’m a resident of Palm Springs!!! The next few weeks are going to be spent enjoying Chicago, then it’s time to start packing, ugh, any tips for me on how to make that less painful?




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