Why Palm Springs?

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This sign says it best… #PalmSpringsIsBetter

Since I announced our big move last week I’ve heard from a few friends and family, “congrats… but Palm Springs?  Why”. When you think of Palm Springs you probably have one of two images… either an older community who loves to golf, or a place for the LGBT community to retire.  While those are both true… there are are some other images you might not be familiar with!

If you’ve either never been you probably don’t know about the bustling restaurant scene, the booming tourism industry, and the incredibly friendly and accepting people that I found. We loved being in Palm Springs pretty much from the moment we arrived because the people the city were so pleasant. The staff of our hotel, the people having dinner near us, & anyone we encountered on the streets were quick to say hello & welcome us!

The other big draw for me is that we can get a combination of things I love (that can be quite hard to find!); a strong LGBT community but also a small close knit community that you get from a smaller town.

I love parts of being in Chicago, but the fact that the city is so fragmented is one the things I hate. I’d love to be more involved in the gay community in Chicago but the area I live in is a 40 minute train ride away from Boystown… sure I could move to Boystown, but then I’d be leaving the things I like about the West Loop and getting some of the not so exciting elements of Boystown… but in Palm Springs it’s a small enough city that I can enjoy both aspects in a much more compact area & get to know my neighbors much easier!

I look forward to actually knowing my neighbors and looking forward to running into them around the city, cocktail parties rotating around the neighborhood, and being able to get involved (and feel like it actually makes a difference!).

The other big benefit of Palm Springs is that while it is a smaller place, it’s not exactly Iowa… it’s only a few hours to LA or San Diego & if you visit in the winter you’ll see that it’s still a playground for lots of LA and Hollywood types, so we get the benefit of that in our shopping, bars, and dining scenes.  Also you best believe that a community of LGBT folks are going to have some great theaters and local talent ( which I can’t wait to experience)!

In a few weeks my partner and I will be heading out to west to pick out first Palm Springs neighborhood! I can’t wait to share that experience with you! BUT before that is Pride Month, so I’m looking forward to lots of upcoming fun and travel, make sure you’re following me on Instagram to come along!


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