Pride Month Shopping Tips

Looking for some new gear to celebrate pride this month?  I’ve got a few favorite companies that I though I’d share to give you some  inspiration!

A rainbow ice-cream cone logo for Big Gay Ice Cream
In NYC or Philly? Stop by Big Gay Ice Cream for some delicious desserts!

Gay Pin Guys are a great option if you are looking to add a little flair for Pride season.  You can find all different types of pins, pride specific pieces, sayings popularized by Drag Race, fun little nods to LGBT culture, or my personal favorite… a Friend of Dorothy badge of honor!  These would make great additions to either travel bags or outfits!  They are also pretty affordable starting at $12

I’ve got two clothing retailers that I love for Pride season: Swish Embassy & Lockwood51

If you prefer to be a bit more pop culture driven in your outfits to might prefer Swish Embassy. You’ll find fabulously designed shirts featuring divas, icons, and of course the Golden Girls!  This is a Canadian company that designs and prints all kinds of products, T shirts, Tanks, Phone Cases, or Tights can all be found on their website!

T-Shirts from Swish Embassy
Here is my friend Katie and I wearing shirts by the Swish Embassy last year at Pittsburgh Pride.

The other recommendation for apparel is Lockwood51.  A quick glance at the site and you’ll see these a bit less daytime pride event and maybe a better fit for your evening events (unless you’re comfortable with a little controversy) . I personally love the messaging of a few of their designs, encouraging us to stay Queer or proudly displaying our Homosexual Tendencies. They also designed a special shirt for Pride this year with the LGBT History Instagram & you’ll likely see that one show up on me for Pride this year!

Finally if you’re in the market for some footwear guess what… you have a few options in this area as well!  There are the major market lines like Nike & Adidas who typically release a special Pride themed shoe each year, but did you know that Bear Pride shoes exist?  Yep!  You can order a pair here if you’re in the market for either Bear, Leather, Lesbian, Bi, or plenty of other options!

Those arms…😍☺️❤️ Esos brazos…😍☺️❤️

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Where do you typically turn for Pride Gear?
Any favorites I missed?

Share your favorites with me in the comments or tag me on Instagram (where your can. bet I’ll be positing a few of these over the month!)


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