And We’re Back!

Hello again!
I’ve got some exciting news and developments in my life so now seems like a great time to get back to something that I enjoyed doing, but sort of lost touch with… blogging!  I’m excited to get back into this & start sharing again; it just so happens that that I’ll have lots to share over the next few months!

We’re moving!  My partner and I are finally saying farewell to the city we met in, the city that we’ve loved for the past 5 years together (a bit longer for him)

Where are we moving you ask?  I’ve written about it on the blog and shared endless photos on my Instagram….

We’re embracing our love of heat, mid-mod, and small towns & heading to Palm Springs!


I fell in love with Palm Springs about a day into our first trip & knew at that time that it would be a part of my life in some way.  Initially we were planning to move to San Diego, but after spending some more time in Palm Springs, looking at houses, & weighing our options Palm Springs has a longer list of positives!

Over the next few months I’m excited to share our journey from the mid-west to the Mid-Century!