3 Must Visit Rooftop Bars in Chicago – What Will K Said

 I’ve always subscribed to the belief that summer starts Memorial Day weekend, despite how “unofficially” that might be.  The workweek tends to get lighter, the weekends seem shorter, & you try to cram as much into the summer as much!  One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to be outside as much possible, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite outdoor spaces in Chicago over the next few weeks!  

This week I’m going to focus on everyone’s favorite day of the week… Sunday Funday! There are tons of places to grab a drink in Chicago but drinks outside on a patio tend to taste better for some reason & thankfully there are plenty of great spots throughout the city.  My personal favorite rooftop spots are : Zed451, I/O at the Godfrey, &ck Cindys at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel.

Zed451 is a Brazilian steak house, so not somewhere that typical frequent but during the summer the outdoor patio because my favorite spot to spend a Sunday afternoon. The drinks are amazing, they offer both individual sized as well as group portions, the staff is approachable/quick, & the space is quite beautiful.  The patio has ample seating, so you aren’t fighting for a spot (sure if you go at 3pm you’ll be waiting but if you get there early it’s usually easy to find a spot).  They also have a limited food menu available outside, which is a nice touch if you are going to be out there for hours drinking! 

I/O at the Godfrey is a cool spot because you can actually use it year round!  They have a retractable roof so in the summer you get to enjoy the sun & the winter you get a little bit of a “greenhouse” effect.  This is a combination restaurant/bar, you’ll find a full menu for both brunch & dinner plus pitchers of their house cocktails.  The Godfrey is a beautiful hotel & this space blends nicely into the modern design.  This one can be a bit hit or miss in terms of the crowd, it tends to attract a “be seen” group in the later afternoon. 

Cindys at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel is a hard one for me to recommend, the views are amazing & drinks are good, but it gets crowded quick & service suffers.  There are not a ton of seats available so it’s mostly standing room only, which is fine but when crowded isn’t the way I like to spend a few hours. They do have a food menu, however I find the food to be incredibly over priced for the offerings – just stop by here for drinks & head downstairs for a much better dinner – you’ll find either Shake Shack or the uber fancy Cherry Circle Room.


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