Top 3 Outdoor Tourist Attractions in Chicago – What Will K Said

I’ve always subscribed to the belief that summer starts Memorial Day weekend, despite how “unofficially” that might be.  The workweek tends to get lighter, the weekends seem shorter, & you try to cram as much into the summer as much!  One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to be outside as much possible, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite outdoor spaces in Chicago over the next few weeks!

This week I want to focus on some of my favorite “tourist” attractions, these are places that you’ll typically find on every “must see Chicago” list, but ones that I’d actually recommend for people.  If you can visit them during the week you’ll find much smaller crowds but they are still worth a visit if you’re only in town for the weekends.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of my favorite places to go any time of year, but summer is of course the best time to visit!  The biggest benefit of going to the zoo in the summer is that you’re going to see more of the animals, but the crowds do tend be overwhelming, so if you can squeeze in a weekday visit that’d be my recommendation.  There is some construction going on this summer so if you were dead set on seeing the Polar Bear you might want to reschedule your visit.

If your idea of a Summer afternoon involves more sand than animals you’ll love the Montrose Beach area!  It’s a bit farther north than the beaches near downtown, but that usually means less people & more beach for you!  There is also a ton of grassy area if you want play Frisbee, have a picnic, or bring you dog along for the fun.

The last spot I’d recommend for tourists to visit is lakefront between the Navy Pier & Museum Campus – you’ll note that I didn’t say Navy Pier.. please don’t waste a day out there.  The walk between the Pier & Museum Campus will have tons of photo opps for you to make your friends back home jealous, you’ll see the Buckingham Fountain, & can grab a sno-cone if it’s too warm.  Once you may it to either side you can either catch transit to head to your next destination.


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