The Unofficial start of Summer 2016 & Instagram Feature of the Month

It’s (un)officially summer! Technically speaking summer doesn’t start for about a month, but most of us think of Memorial Day as the start of the summer season & in honor of that date I wanted to share this month’s Instagram feature as a warning of sorts.

#nofilter need to learn how to use sunscreen #stupid

A post shared by Will Kauff (@kauffw) on

The warning being that you should wear sunscreen!  I look back on moments like this and think how dumb I was not to take care of my skin.  I’m all for trying to have a nice summer color, but do it safely not by burning like I did.

In tradition here are 4 facts about this photo.

  1. This was taken the summer I was interning in Chicago at DePaul University.
  2. I spent the day outside at the Corona (I think) Beach Volleyball Tournament
  3. I had a horrible tan line for most of the summer from this day of sun.
  4. This was one of the few days I willingly sat outside in the sun long enough to get a burn, I typically get too hot for summer activities.

How are you celebrating the start of the summer?


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