Traveling to NYC? Visit these 3 Websites FIRST! – What Will K Said

Are you planning a trip to NYC?  I am actually headed there myself right now & wanted to share the 5 websites I ALWAYS visit before I head to the big apple.  These will help you in planning your trip, saving both time & money, & enjoying all that New York City has to offer!

The first thing I do is checkout shows, I am a HUGE theater fan & usually end up seeing at least two shows (no matter how long the trip).  So I visit or New York City Theater to find both Broadway and Off Broadway shows.  A few of my favorite shows over the years have been; Wicked, Book of Mormon, Kinky Boots, & On the Town.

Once I’ve got my shows planned out it’s time to start looking at what else is going on in the city.  I usually go to Time Out for this.  You’ll find lists of recommendations for things like museum’s, events, etc.  One of the features I like best is the “What to do in NYC.. Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend”

Now that we’ve planned a show, figured out some of the things we want to do it’s time to figure out where we are eating.  I go to Eater for this.  You’ll find tons of articles about the food scene in NYC from this, but the best resource is the Eater 38 or the Eater Heatmap.  These list the best/hottest places in the city.  Once you have a few places in mind head over to OpenTable and start making reservations!

Congratulations, you’ve just filled a weekend in New York with only a few clicks.  There are many places you can get information & sure you could just fly into the city and wing it….. but think of all the things you might miss!   Some of the benefits of planning ahead are that you can have reservations at the hottest spots, plan out your commute, & spend more time enjoying your time in NYC instead of searching for ideas while you are there!

I hope you found this helpful!  Do you have any favorites that I should checkout over the weekend?







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