Every morning should be a DayBreaker – What Will K Said

Picture it; 6:30am & the dance floor is crowded, the music is great, everyone is smilling, and they just woke up!  This morning I participated in my first DayBreaker & it was such an amazing experience that I feel like this needs to be shared!

No Beer Goggles needed.. we all looked good!


If you’ve never heard of DayBreaker it’s basically an early morning “night” at the club minus the drinks & significantly more fun!  The concept was first launched in NYC (like most great things) & has been in Chicago for about a year now but I just finally talked some friends into waking up early enough for us to go!  I love this concept & the values that drive the collective behind the movement as well!

  • Mindfulness
  • Wellness
  • Mischief
  • Self Expression
  • Camaraderie

If you think to yourself that 6:30 is just too early to be dancing & you’ll be too tired.. I promise you wont!  The energy in the room this morning was about 50x stronger than the best coffee I’ve ever had!

My early morning crew!

Checkout this link for details on all of the events & how to get tickets!  I hope to see you at a future 6:30am!


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