Cycling My Way Through Chicago – What Will K Said

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you’ll know that I love spin classes! I feel like they are the perfect type of cardio & lots of them incorporate some weights as well. Chicago happens to be home to LOTS of options for fans of indoor cycling and I thought I’d share some info on each of them.

If you wondering how I’ve tried all of these gyms… it’s almost all because of ClassPass, which is a great way to try out lots of boutique gyms for one price!  You can take classes all over the city in all different disciplines & styles. If you are interested in trying out ClassPass click this link to save $20 dollars off your first month, I also get $20 dollars off for referring you, so it’s a win for both of us!

Flywheel Sports – Gold Coast and Old Town
Gold Coast is my typical spot because the location is closer to me. The space is a bit smaller & can be very cramped in between classes. The instructors are shared between the two locations typically so no differences there.  The amenities are nice at Flywheels everywhere: showers, great shampoo and lotion options, free fruit after class, and plenty of retail if are you in the mood to shop.

Studio Three- River North
The newest addition to the cycle family in Chicago, but one that has quickly become my favorite. Studio Three features Peloton bikes, which provide the smoothest ride I’ve ever experienced. You’ll find some great instructors (personal favorite is Dani), lots of lockers & showers, and a Real Good Juice outpost as well.

Full Psycle – Lincoln Park
If you are a competitive person this is your spot. The bikes are connected to a display system which shows your RPM’s, power, mileage, etc. While the least flashy of all the studios I’ve gotten my best workouts here at times. The instructors do a great job of pushing you for your best & because of the technology can offer different styles of classes that other studios.

Go Cycle – Old Town
This is the most traditional spin studio of all the ones I’ve visited in my opinion, they have the least tech focused approach and are the only gym I know of in Chicago with the Kaiser bikes, which can be great if you like those bikes but hard to adjust to if you use others a lot. The classes are smaller & more personalized than the other studios because there are only about 25 bikes in the room.

While there are a few other options for spinning in Chicago these are my picks based on my experience. I tried a Soulcycle class, but didn’t enjoy the lack of a tech pad or info screen – rhythm based riding is not my thing nor are the pushups, crunches, and “dances” on the bike.

  • Have you tried any of these gyms?
  • Where do you get your sweat on?




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