Weekend Recap 5.9.2016 – What Will K Said

Wowzer!  It’s been a few weeks since I posted a weekend update, which is not to say that I haven’t had busy/fun weekends.. but they haven’t been the most “update-able”  This time of year tends to be very busy with work travel/events, which wouldn’t make for fun reading on here, BUT this weekend was a bit different.

I spent most of Friday at a conference for work, which allowed me lots of networking & educational opportunities… but unless you happen to work in the same field most of it would be pretty borng. Once that was done I needed to get a killer workout in, which for me means Shred 415.  I love their style of workout, the instructors, & the South Loop location is very easy for me to drive to as well.   Once I was sufficently “shreded” I joined up with the boyfriend for a dinner at Forno Rosso aka the best pizza in the West Loop.

This pizza is one of the reasons I workout.


Saturday held one of the most exciting moments in a LONG TIME…. a Britney themed class at Flywheel – Gold Coast.  If you’ve never spent 45 minutes in the dark with only Britney pushing you forward.. I highly recommend it!  Saturday night was pretty “boring” which was very nice after the last few weeks at work.  We are in the midst of rewatching 3rd Rock from the Sun so that was most of Saturday evening.

I woke up pretty early on Sunday morning & took that time to relax, do some reading, water the plants, & decide that I needed Doughnut Vault for breakfast.  We waited for about an hour to get a few doughnuts, including the special which was an Orange Old Fashioned with Chocolate icing.  After eating WAY too many doughnuts we decided to enjoy the weather and walk back home.


Doughnut Vault is always worth the wait.


I finished the weekend with a viewing of  Captain America Civil War, which I LOVED!  If you are a fan of superheroes or comics you will enjoy this film.

Did you see Civil War this Weekend?  If so what was your favorite moment?


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