My picks from the Rushmore SS 2016 Lookbook – What Will K Said

Welcome to another Fashion Friday post, the weather here in Chicago can’t seem to decide if it’s fully summer/spring yet or not.. so during those chilly days it’s nice to escape to internet for a little summer inspiration.   This week I wanted to feature Rushmore, which is by a brand that so far seems to be inspirational only, I can’t figure out where to buy any of this stuff, if you happen to know where to buy Rushmore please comment & let me know!

Even though I can’t currently find this stuff for sale I did feel like their aesthetic & for an “inspo” post that’s really all I’m looking for anyway.  Also I really like their choice of model, he’s not your standard 18-21 year old skinny boy, this guy actually looks like could afford to own the clothing he’s wearing!  


This look grabs my attention because it’s monochromatic, which is a style that I’ve tried a few times… but never really mastered.  This combination seems effortless it’s pairing & one that I might try out with some similar pieces in my closet.


I’m drawn to this look for two reasons; one, I have a very similar coat & two, the button up underneath has a fabulous pattern which is something I’m trying to wear more often.


These two looks are basic, but at the same time elevated basic.  I like the idea of wearing a very dark blazer with the bright pants – it seems unexpected in a way.

Thanks for the amazing team at Fashion Beans for sharing content like this so that I can find fashionable inspiration for all seasons!


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