5 Thoughts I had inside a Far Infrared Sauna – What Will K Said

I recently took advantage of a Groupon to Cleanse Chicago & tried out an Infrared Sauna – now I know what you are thinking.. a what? An Infrared Sauna is different from a traditional Sauna in that it doesn’t use heat or steam but instead “far infrared rays”.  This allows you to receive a similar but ultimately different experience from your time spent in the Sauna.

Infrared Sauna
This isn’t the exact one, but its very similar to the style offered at Cleanse Chicago.

As I mentioned, I took advantage of a Groupon to check out the Infrared Sauna, and it cost $30.00 for a 30-minute session.  I felt like this was an appropriate amount of time & after doing some research online found it to be the most common recommendation.  The price might vary… but sneak peek, it was totally worth it!

The experience itself was very relaxing, I checked in & was shown to my private room – it’s small but I just needed space to undress & redress afterwards.  The Sauna at Cleanse Chicago is rated to fit 3 but you book your own time so no weirdness of sharing with strangers.  It looks traditional in that is made from a wood frame but upon opening the door you notice the difference immediately – no humidity or oppressive dryness that you typically feel. 

As you enjoy your time in the Sauna these thoughts might run through your head much like they did mine!

  1. This isn’t too bad; I don’t even feel warm (30-25 minutes)
  2. Oh Ok, I’m starting to understand the deep sweat. (24-18)
  3. Wow, I’m really sweating. I hope I grabbed enough towels. (17-11 minutes)
  4. Ok… My time has to be up soon, right?  I mean I feel like I’ve been in here 30 minutes. (10-4 minutes)
  5. Wow, I feel good.  (3-0 Minutes)

As you can tell, I enjoyed my time in the Sauna!  I found it to be very relaxing & while you do sweat a LOT it’s a different type of sweat.  I wasn’t grossed out by the sweat like I am after a spin class, this was almost refreshing in a way.  It left my skin with a nice glow & my hair felt great afterwards.  I hope to add this to my wellness routine over the next few months, while I don’t know if I burned 500 calories like some websites say you can… it was still a good experience. 

  • Have you ever tried an Infrared Sauna?
  • How do you like to treat yourself to a little relaxation?

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