“You’re going to need a bigger boat” for the new Sperry Shoe Collection – What Will K Said

This week’s Fashion Friday is for a specific body part…. one that happens to be my favorite, my feet!  I love buying shoes (& have a bit of a problem at times) so when I heard about the newest Sperry collaboration I almost died.


Yes, you read that right, the brand best known for keeping us boat ready is inviting the Great White Shark into our lives in their newest collaboration.  In the past I’ve loved their collaborations.  My favorite was with Gray Malin(an amazing photographer), those shoes are still probably my favorite purchase.. ever.

The Sperry x JAWS collection will be launching on May 2nd & I can’t wait to get my hands on at least one part of them.  I first heard about this collection on the Sperry Instagram page & ended up finding pictures on Fashionably Geek, which looks to have all kinds of awesome stuff!

I personally want to get my hands on the Classic A/O but could also see myself purchasing the Sneaker Style with Jaws creeping up the side.  If you want to see all of the available styles head over to the FashionablyGeek page & check them out, but be sure to come back and tell me which shoes you’re getting!

The Sperry x JAWS collection officially launches on May 2nd but if you visit the website you can sign up for “early access”  they will be available at Sperry Stores, online, & Journeys.






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