5 Tips for Flying Southwest – What Will K Said

The past year I’ve gone from flying Southwest a few times to being a SWA regular. If you’re not familiar with Southwest they are a low cost carrier serving both US and International destinations. The popularity of Southwest confines to grow in part because they are one of the few airlines with free checked bags but also because they tend to be the most transparent, a policy they’ve adopted called Transfarency

Flying Southwest can be great, they tend to be in less busy airports, the free checked bags, & snacks in flight but if you’re new you might have a bad experience. There are a few things that you need to do in order to have the best possible experience!

  1. Book early, your going to get the best price this way with their ” wanna get away” fares BUT double check whenever a sale goes on, you might be able to get a cheaper ticket.
  2. Pay for early check-in (or set a reminder on your phone). This is important, unless you want to end up in a middle seat pay the 12.50 to check in early. Otherwise make sure you check in for the flight as soon as you can.
  3. Head towards the back of the plane. The seats are all the same & you aren’t going to save that much time being in the front when we land. PLUS you are closer to the bathroom and tend to get snacks/drinks more quickly.
  4. Bring your tablet. Almost all of the Southwest plans have Wi-Fi & free entertainment on board, why not take advantage of it!
  5. Sign up for Rapid Rewards. You automatically earn points based upon your flights and they last awhile so you can keep them! PLUS they occasionally mail out drink coupons which make a long flight much more bearable… or you can trade them with someone for an aisle seat.

I hope you find these tips helpful, while Southwest might not be the “nicest” airline they do what they do very well!

Looking for a little inspiration for where you should head next? Here a few of my favorite SWA destinations: Denver, New Orleans, Newark (quick train ride into NYC), and of course Chicago, where you’ll find them at the much more efficient Midway as opposed to O’Hare.

  • Do you luv Southwest?
  • Any tips I missed?



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