The best decision I’ve made so far…

Can you look back at life and pick the moments that made all the difference?  It might have been when you decided where you were going to college, the first time you stepped on the basketball court, or the moment you decided to take a chance.  There are plenty of these moments in life & they are probably different for each person.

One of these moments in my life was when I made the decision to move to Chicago post graduate school.. without a job offer, to take a chance on a relationship.  While this picture isn’t from that exact moment, it was a few months before… it was one of those moments that lead up to the decision.

On Michigan Avenue.. love this city soooo much #chicago #imhome #notleaving

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4 Facts about this photo:

  1. This photo was taken during a trip with my 3 closests friends from graduate school.
  2. The night before this photo we celebrated the re-election of Obama.
  3. Just a few hours after this photo we had Wow Bao, a delicious quick serve restaraunt here in Chicago.
  4. My love for Chicago is evident throughout my photos in this time frame.. I was clearly obsessed.

What are some of your big decision moments?


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