Weekend Recap 4.18.2016 – What Will K Said

If you are a reader from Chicago I hope that you took advantage of the amazing weekend we had to get outside, explore, & generally soak up the sun!  I can’t tell you how nice it felt to be able to leave the house without layers on.  I crammed a lot of activity into this weekend so let’s get started!

I caught up with the boyfriend after work for some delicious pizza at Forno Rosso, one of the few certified Neapolitan style pizza places in Chicago.  I bet you didn’t know that Pizza places could be certified, but it basically means you’re going to get the most authentic experience possible.

Saturday morning started extra early, for no particular reason, which mean that I had breakfast, did 2 loads of laundry, & cleaned the kitchen all before 10:00am.  I finally made my way to Flywheel Chicago for a class with my new favorite instructor Teddy H.  It seems that Teddy and I have perfected matched musical taste because all of his classes are great!

We also took advantage of the sun by grabbing some milkshakes at Cone & seeing what new places have popped up over the winter in our ‘hood.  There seems to be lots of new residential & a few businesses, but not much that we didn’t know about already.  After freshening up we decided to find dinner simply by going to the first place with an open patio table!  I love dining outside & am looking forward to many a meal out over the next few months!

Mon Ami
Mon Ami Poutine – The French Canadian’s know what they are doing!

Sunday morning we had reservations at Mon Ami Gabi, which is a delicious spot just outside the Lincoln Park Zoo.  After making my way through a breakfast Poutine (happiest moment of the weekend), we visited with some of our favorite animals at the zoo!  If you haven’t been in a while you need to plan a trip to see the Red Panda.  There is a bit of construction going on, which is a necessary evil.. but it does mean that new things are on the horizon!


I almost forgot!  I was successful in getting most of the items I wanted from the Marimekko for Target launch this weekend!  I was one of 7 people in line at my local Target for the opening & had no trouble finding the prints I liked.  I’m still contemplating going back for a few additional pieces, but told myself that I need to wait 24 hours to see if I really need it.


If you aren’t already I’d encourage you to follow me on Snapchat  username: kauffw – I posted lots of fun pictures & video this weekend.  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend, whether it was warm like in Chicago or a snow storm in Denver.


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