5 Picks from the Target & Marimekko Collab- What Will K Said

Target is getting ready to launch another (surely) successful designer collaboration, this time with the Finnish brand Marimekko.  I have always known about Marimekko, but wasn’t the most familiar with their backstory until I was digging into this collection.  The line was initially launched after WWII with a goal of bringing color & joy back into the world, that is a mission I can get behind!

The brand is known for it’s amazing prints, they standout in ways that can be a bit polarizing… but for someone like me who loves a bold print, its heaven.  Marimekko produces a full line of products including clothing for both Women and Men, bags, home furnishings, and even a fabric line if you want to create your own designs!  Sadly the Target collection will not featuring any clothing for men, but there is plenty of other items I’ve got my eyes on!

The collaboration officially launches on Sunday 4/17 & depending upon what you are looking for you will probably need to be lined up when the store opens. I know that doesn’t sound fun, and it probably won’t be, but there is a lot I want to grab so I might just do it. Of course you could also take your luck with some online shopping as well, but I’m incredibly impatient when it comes to shopping and shipping (hello Amazon Prime).

You can get a sneak peek (& plan out your must have list) at this link.

Here are 5 items I just might fight you for if we find ourselves at the same Target on Sunday morning.

Towel_editedBeach Towel  $24.99 – I feel like this is going to be one of those things that goes quick, the pattern on this is great & who doesn’t love a bold towel to make you stand out against the sand?

Serving Tray_edited

Serving Tray – $19.99 – This tray is gorgeous & would look great with lots of different food/snacks on top.

Kitchen Towels_editedKitchen Towels – $9.99 – The fun playful pattern on this pair of towels might be enough to distract me from the fact that I’m cleaning.

Bag_editedOversized Beach Tote – $19.99 – I’m always torn on what bag to bring with me, I don’t have a dedicated beach/picnic bag, but this would be great option for both men or women.

Outdoor Rug_editedOutdoor Rug – $79.99 – This would be a bit of a stretch, as I don’t currently have a need of this BUT it’s so pretty.  I feel like this could work well with some mid-century/mod elements so it might get purchased for future use.


Bonus – Teepee – $129.99  – I have zero use or space for this… and yet I feel like I need it.  I’m sure it wouldn’t fit an adult & even if it does why would I need to sit in a teepee?

  • Are you excited about this collaboration?
  • What items are you going to grab?
  • Should I get the teepee?




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