It’s time for Snatch Game – RuPaul’s Drag Race Review – What Will K Said

Welcome to this week’s edition of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Review, it’s everyone’s favorite challenge, Snatch Game! I love this episode every year because it give us a chance to see how the girls can think on the feet a bit better than the other challenges.

The episode started with a little spat between Derrick and Bob, I understood where each queen was coming from, but really feel like Bob needs to scale it back. The workroom is full of big personalities and some people react to that in a very negative & aggressive way, it’s just not pretty girl.

The lead up to the challenge & make up time gave us a chance to get to know a few of the girls a bit more, it was nice to see that Acid Betty is in fact human. I loved to  hearing that Naomi has such a great relationship with her family – it can be hard for religious families to accept us, so any time I hear it happens I just jump for joy.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but this cast is just SOOO much better than season 7 – I feel like I connect with them much more.

The Snatch Game was interesting to watch with two non-comedian guests… let’s just say, it’s a good thing those two girls are pretty. I felt like their answers were so lack luster.  The queens did a pretty good job!  The top 3 and bottom 2 became very clear as the competition went on.

Top 2 of the Week for me –

  • Derrick – Britney – This was on point, it was a professional being Britney. I loved every second of it!  The thing I liked most was that she wasn’t being a caricature of Britney.
  • Bob – Crazy Eyes & Carol Channing – Even though Bob was on my nerves, I have to give it to him. He killed this week.  The Crazy Eyes was SOOO GOOD!  Carol was pretty good as well (not as good as Pandora!).

The Runway was incredibly confusing to me.. why did everyone pick the same Madonna inspiration, she’s had so many iconic looks & 4 of them went with a Kimono???? The best Kimono was probably Thorgy, at least in terms of connecting to Madonna.

I was somewhat sad to see Acid Betty head home, but she clearly lost that Lip Sync. I think that she could have given more than Naomi in future episodes, but when it’s your time it’s your time.

  • Who were your favorites this week?
  • Who would you play if you were on Snatch Game?



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