The Weekend Recap 4.4.16 – What Will K Said

This weekend featured a few firsts, a few old favorites, & a whole of the things I love! 

On Friday I found myself with the opportunity to take the afternoon off and get some stuff done, which was nice. I finally did something I should have done years ago and said farewell to my Blackberry… I know you are probably thinking, he still used a Blackberry up until Friday afternoon… and the answer was yes. I think I might start a new series of posts about my decision to change, what I like, what I miss, and some new favorite apps! 

I woke up Saturday and decided to give this Snapchat thing a try… the jury is still out on how I feel about it.  I went to a class a FullPsycle  & got really close to hitting my PR, which felt great!! I had Megan as my instructor Saturday morning and always find that she does a great job of motivating me! The rest of Saturday is a blur,  I went to brunch, did some grocery shopping, and spent the evening watching Clueless on Freeform. 

Sunday got started with an old favorite of mine, 25 Degrees. This was one of our go to spot for burgers when we lived downtown & they now offer brunch!  We got a chance to meet up with a friend, have some delicious grub, and some very affordable mimosas (10 bucks for a bottle!?!?)  We did a little tipsy shopping at Uniqlo afterwards and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun… 60 degrees is perfect weather for sitting on the balcony and enjoying the sun!

I almost forgot how much I love my view during the winter months!


We ended the weekend with dinner at one of the newer places in our neighborhood, Monteverde.  They’ve been open awhile, but it took this long for us to get a reservation on the weekend!  The service was great, décor was very well crafted, and the food was awesome!  The pastas are hand made, some after you order!  I highly recommend Monteverde if you are planning a special dinner, with a few weeks notice. 

  • What did you get into this weekend?
  • How did you celebrate the 60 degree Sunday?

6 Replies to “The Weekend Recap 4.4.16 – What Will K Said”

  1. Wow girl yes I’m surprised you still have a Blackberry it’s all iphones over here, I mean how else can you take awesome photos on-the-go without a professional camera!!! But in all seriousness I had an amazing weekend. Completed two runs, saw Batman Vs. Superman (totally confused about what was going on the whole movie), did kickboxing, and had a lot of good food to eat. Love the warm weather I only wish it would stay like that over here.


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