Duff the Psych – ASMR Artist of the Month – What Will K Said

Welcome to another edition of the ASMR Artist of the Month series.  If you aren’t familiar with ASMR checkout this link, it’ll help you get a basic understanding.  I use ASMR for all kinds of things.. from relaxation to focusing at work.  ASMR can be one more tool you use to calm/center yourself in moments of stress!

If you haven’t checked out my other Artist of the Month features be sure to do so here and here.  They are both great ASMR artists & provide something a bit different from this month’s featured artist.

This month I’d like to share some videos from Duff the Psych.  On this channel you’ll find all different kinds of videos, everything from babbling updates to mental health awareness – ASMR style.  One of the things I like about Duff is that he gives you long videos, quick videos, tapping (one of my favorite ASMR triggers), whispers, etc… basically you can find almost any trigger on his channel!

He also does some really great ear focused videos here are a few examples.

Here is a more recent video of his, this one focuses on some plastic cap sounds.

Have you enjoyed these ASMR videos?


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