“You’re going to need a bigger boat” for the new Sperry Shoe Collection – What Will K Said

This week’s Fashion Friday is for a specific body part…. one that happens to be my favorite, my feet!  I love buying shoes (& have a bit of a problem at times) so when I heard about the newest Sperry collaboration I almost died.


Yes, you read that right, the brand best known for keeping us boat ready is inviting the Great White Shark into our lives in their newest collaboration.  In the past I’ve loved their collaborations.  My favorite was with Gray Malin(an amazing photographer), those shoes are still probably my favorite purchase.. ever.

The Sperry x JAWS collection will be launching on May 2nd & I can’t wait to get my hands on at least one part of them.  I first heard about this collection on the Sperry Instagram page & ended up finding pictures on Fashionably Geek, which looks to have all kinds of awesome stuff!

I personally want to get my hands on the Classic A/O but could also see myself purchasing the Sneaker Style with Jaws creeping up the side.  If you want to see all of the available styles head over to the FashionablyGeek page & check them out, but be sure to come back and tell me which shoes you’re getting!

The Sperry x JAWS collection officially launches on May 2nd but if you visit the website you can sign up for “early access”  they will be available at Sperry Stores, online, & Journeys.






5 Tips for Flying Southwest – What Will K Said

The past year I’ve gone from flying Southwest a few times to being a SWA regular. If you’re not familiar with Southwest they are a low cost carrier serving both US and International destinations. The popularity of Southwest confines to grow in part because they are one of the few airlines with free checked bags but also because they tend to be the most transparent, a policy they’ve adopted called Transfarency

Flying Southwest can be great, they tend to be in less busy airports, the free checked bags, & snacks in flight but if you’re new you might have a bad experience. There are a few things that you need to do in order to have the best possible experience!

  1. Book early, your going to get the best price this way with their ” wanna get away” fares BUT double check whenever a sale goes on, you might be able to get a cheaper ticket.
  2. Pay for early check-in (or set a reminder on your phone). This is important, unless you want to end up in a middle seat pay the 12.50 to check in early. Otherwise make sure you check in for the flight as soon as you can.
  3. Head towards the back of the plane. The seats are all the same & you aren’t going to save that much time being in the front when we land. PLUS you are closer to the bathroom and tend to get snacks/drinks more quickly.
  4. Bring your tablet. Almost all of the Southwest plans have Wi-Fi & free entertainment on board, why not take advantage of it!
  5. Sign up for Rapid Rewards. You automatically earn points based upon your flights and they last awhile so you can keep them! PLUS they occasionally mail out drink coupons which make a long flight much more bearable… or you can trade them with someone for an aisle seat.

I hope you find these tips helpful, while Southwest might not be the “nicest” airline they do what they do very well!

Looking for a little inspiration for where you should head next? Here a few of my favorite SWA destinations: Denver, New Orleans, Newark (quick train ride into NYC), and of course Chicago, where you’ll find them at the much more efficient Midway as opposed to O’Hare.

  • Do you luv Southwest?
  • Any tips I missed?


Fashion Friday – El Ganso

I posted a few weeks ago that Summer is right around the corner, and that is becoming all the more apparent as I start to plan trips & events.  In light of that I’m taking my summer outfit planning up a notch and found some great inspiration from a brand that is new to me, El Ganso. 

I haven’t heard of them, nor have I seen them anywhere that I typically shop, and I live in Chicago so I have lots of options!  The overall view book looks pretty good but a I found a few standouts which are below. 

I really like the blend of colors in this look.
The green shoes in this photo speak to my soul!
I feel like this blazer is a must have.
The pairing of a nontradtional blazer color and the shorts make for an outstanding option.
Checkout the full Lookbook at this link – http://www.fashionbeans.com/2016/el-ganso-ss-2016-mens-lookbook/

  • Which items are your favorites? 
  • Do you own any bright jackets like these ones? 


The best decision I’ve made so far…

Can you look back at life and pick the moments that made all the difference?  It might have been when you decided where you were going to college, the first time you stepped on the basketball court, or the moment you decided to take a chance.  There are plenty of these moments in life & they are probably different for each person.

One of these moments in my life was when I made the decision to move to Chicago post graduate school.. without a job offer, to take a chance on a relationship.  While this picture isn’t from that exact moment, it was a few months before… it was one of those moments that lead up to the decision.

On Michigan Avenue.. love this city soooo much #chicago #imhome #notleaving

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4 Facts about this photo:

  1. This photo was taken during a trip with my 3 closests friends from graduate school.
  2. The night before this photo we celebrated the re-election of Obama.
  3. Just a few hours after this photo we had Wow Bao, a delicious quick serve restaraunt here in Chicago.
  4. My love for Chicago is evident throughout my photos in this time frame.. I was clearly obsessed.

What are some of your big decision moments?

Weekend Recap 4.18.2016 – What Will K Said

If you are a reader from Chicago I hope that you took advantage of the amazing weekend we had to get outside, explore, & generally soak up the sun!  I can’t tell you how nice it felt to be able to leave the house without layers on.  I crammed a lot of activity into this weekend so let’s get started!

I caught up with the boyfriend after work for some delicious pizza at Forno Rosso, one of the few certified Neapolitan style pizza places in Chicago.  I bet you didn’t know that Pizza places could be certified, but it basically means you’re going to get the most authentic experience possible.

Saturday morning started extra early, for no particular reason, which mean that I had breakfast, did 2 loads of laundry, & cleaned the kitchen all before 10:00am.  I finally made my way to Flywheel Chicago for a class with my new favorite instructor Teddy H.  It seems that Teddy and I have perfected matched musical taste because all of his classes are great!

We also took advantage of the sun by grabbing some milkshakes at Cone & seeing what new places have popped up over the winter in our ‘hood.  There seems to be lots of new residential & a few businesses, but not much that we didn’t know about already.  After freshening up we decided to find dinner simply by going to the first place with an open patio table!  I love dining outside & am looking forward to many a meal out over the next few months!

Mon Ami
Mon Ami Poutine – The French Canadian’s know what they are doing!

Sunday morning we had reservations at Mon Ami Gabi, which is a delicious spot just outside the Lincoln Park Zoo.  After making my way through a breakfast Poutine (happiest moment of the weekend), we visited with some of our favorite animals at the zoo!  If you haven’t been in a while you need to plan a trip to see the Red Panda.  There is a bit of construction going on, which is a necessary evil.. but it does mean that new things are on the horizon!


I almost forgot!  I was successful in getting most of the items I wanted from the Marimekko for Target launch this weekend!  I was one of 7 people in line at my local Target for the opening & had no trouble finding the prints I liked.  I’m still contemplating going back for a few additional pieces, but told myself that I need to wait 24 hours to see if I really need it.


If you aren’t already I’d encourage you to follow me on Snapchat  username: kauffw – I posted lots of fun pictures & video this weekend.  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend, whether it was warm like in Chicago or a snow storm in Denver.

5 Picks from the Target & Marimekko Collab- What Will K Said

Target is getting ready to launch another (surely) successful designer collaboration, this time with the Finnish brand Marimekko.  I have always known about Marimekko, but wasn’t the most familiar with their backstory until I was digging into this collection.  The line was initially launched after WWII with a goal of bringing color & joy back into the world, that is a mission I can get behind!

The brand is known for it’s amazing prints, they standout in ways that can be a bit polarizing… but for someone like me who loves a bold print, its heaven.  Marimekko produces a full line of products including clothing for both Women and Men, bags, home furnishings, and even a fabric line if you want to create your own designs!  Sadly the Target collection will not featuring any clothing for men, but there is plenty of other items I’ve got my eyes on!

The collaboration officially launches on Sunday 4/17 & depending upon what you are looking for you will probably need to be lined up when the store opens. I know that doesn’t sound fun, and it probably won’t be, but there is a lot I want to grab so I might just do it. Of course you could also take your luck with some online shopping as well, but I’m incredibly impatient when it comes to shopping and shipping (hello Amazon Prime).

You can get a sneak peek (& plan out your must have list) at this link.

Here are 5 items I just might fight you for if we find ourselves at the same Target on Sunday morning.

Towel_editedBeach Towel  $24.99 – I feel like this is going to be one of those things that goes quick, the pattern on this is great & who doesn’t love a bold towel to make you stand out against the sand?

Serving Tray_edited

Serving Tray – $19.99 – This tray is gorgeous & would look great with lots of different food/snacks on top.

Kitchen Towels_editedKitchen Towels – $9.99 – The fun playful pattern on this pair of towels might be enough to distract me from the fact that I’m cleaning.

Bag_editedOversized Beach Tote – $19.99 – I’m always torn on what bag to bring with me, I don’t have a dedicated beach/picnic bag, but this would be great option for both men or women.

Outdoor Rug_editedOutdoor Rug – $79.99 – This would be a bit of a stretch, as I don’t currently have a need of this BUT it’s so pretty.  I feel like this could work well with some mid-century/mod elements so it might get purchased for future use.


Bonus – Teepee – $129.99  – I have zero use or space for this… and yet I feel like I need it.  I’m sure it wouldn’t fit an adult & even if it does why would I need to sit in a teepee?

  • Are you excited about this collaboration?
  • What items are you going to grab?
  • Should I get the teepee?



The Britney Box – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Review – What Will K Said

Welcome to episode seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 – it seems too soon to be doing the makeover challenge, but somehow it’s here!  This week we not only got to see all of our favorites of this season, but also some other Reality TV queens.  I’ve never watched Little Women LA, but I’ve seen their ads while watching other stuff.

The theme was awesome, I have always been a Friend of Dorothy… and I mean that in both ways.  Growing up I was the BIGGEST Wizard of Oz fan, I watched it almost every day & carried around my Dorothy doll.  Yep, I had a Dorothy doll as a kid. 

The makeover challenge always has the potential to break the queens, it takes a LOT to be able to not only edit yourself but also create a look for another person.  This season we got to see them work with a group of women, which can fall flat if they don’t go “drag” enough… that wasn’t a problem this week.  The guest stars all looked pretty dragged out & no-one looked bad, which is a HUGE feat for the makeover challenge! 


The top creation of the week was Naomi, if this is what she could have been doing all season I’m kind of mad that we just got to see it!  The look was amazing, the dance was good, & she really delivered in this challenge.  It makes me wonder why she’s been wearing underwear for 5 episodes !?!?!

The other favorite of mine this week was actually Thorgy Thor, I thought that the outfits looked good & the wigs were a good choice.  I don’t know if it just looked better on TV, but I was confused by their critique of her work. 

I was really scared when we got down to the bottom three this week.  It probably isn’t a surprise, but I’m a huge Derrick Barry fan.. so I was a bit scared that she was going to be lip syncing against Chi Chi this week.  I think that Derrick has what it takes to send Chi Chi home, but I’m not ready to risk it just yet.  I don’t’ know if we’ll see a huge change next week… but I hope that we do!  It’s time to breakout of the Britney box, but take some of her with you on the way out! 


  • Who are you rooting for now?
  • Which look was your favorite?