The Weekend Recap – 3.28.16 – What Will K Said

After the weekend I had, I’m oddly excited to get back to “regular” life.  I don’t normally feel that way & typically prefer to be the type of person who doesn’t have a routine, but this weekend really took it out of me!

It all started in Dallas on Friday, I was finishing up a work trip & knew I was in for a late night.  I had a flight scheduled out at 9:30, but due to some confusion with my day I ended up at the airport about 6 hours early.  A quick check in with the agents confirmed I was stuck on the later flight, but after taking a look at their website I cancelled & booked a much sooner flight… so winning right?


That flight was ultimately delayed for 2 hours, so I ended up getting out a total 25 minutes earlier than my previously scheduled flight.  That set me up for a rough weekend, I couldn’t catch up on sleep, felt like crap from sitting all day at work/airport/plane, but I did my best not let it get me down.

Saturday morning I slept in for what felt like forever (it was really only about 9am) & grabbed a quick breakfast before heading over to Flywheel for a little spin session.  There was some type of special celebration going on, I missed what it was for, but it made for a fun class!

I’ve been on the hunt for new jeans for awhile now & thought I had found the perfect pair in the Banana Republic Vintage Straight fit.. but after trying on a few pairs ultimately struck out again.  Does anyone know of a brand of Jeans good for guys with gigantic calves? I went to the Levi store but couldn’t find any there either, so I gave up & made my way home.

Sunday morning we decided to skip dining out due to Easter brunches & instead I made my way to the new-ish New City complex & tried out the Arc Light theater for a showing of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I enjoyed the movie, felt like Arc Light was a bit overpriced but they did have MUCH better popcorn than most of the other theaters.  The weekend ended with a trip out for dinner at Balena, since the boyfriend and I are both going to be busy at work for the new few weeks… that might be the last dinner out for awhile.

  • What did you get into this weekend?
  • Any recommendations for me on those jeans?
  • How do you bounce back after travel?



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