Overacting 101 – RuPaul Drag Race Season 8 Review – What Will K Said

Welcome to another edition of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 review series – this week we got to see the queens in their first acting challenge of the season.  If you are a RPDR fan be sure to check back weekly because I’m reviewing the entire season 8!   Episode 1 & Episode 2 reviews can be found by clicking the link.

In a surprising turn of events last week RuPaul announced that two queens were going home & that left an opening for someone to come back.  I honestly wasn’t sure if they were going to use this as a chance to bring back someone from a previous season ( ala Shangela) or give Nyasha another opportunity.  I was overall happy with the decision & felt like she did a pretty good job in her first episode back.


The main competition this week was an overacting challenge, which a few of the queens clearly have experience doing!  I felt like the teams were well split this week – you had strong folks on both sides & I don’t know if there was a clear winner between the two teams.  I did find it interesting that the standouts were both the “Cookie” characters while both of the “secret gay girls” fell flat.. maybe it wasn’t their fault as much as the role/writing?

The runway challenge caught me off guard, I couldn’t believe that they had the girls do the runway in roller skates!  I would have died if it were me, I’ve never mastered those things.  The looks ran from literal interpretation to some pretty awesome fantasy outfits!  I thought that Kim Chi looked great & disagreed with the negativity surrounding Derrick’s outfit.  The worst in terms of runway look for me were clearly Cynthia but also Chi Chi.

I felt like the winner this week was correct, but would have agreed with Thorgy being selected as well.  They both did a GREAT job!  (again was this because they had the best material to work with???)

The lip sync itself was pretty good!  Robbie surprised me on those skates!  I was convinced that was going to be a bad decision… but DAMN that girl can skate.  I’ll be sad to see Cynthia go but do feel like it’s the best choice at this moment.

Untucked Bonus – What the heck is with Acid Betty’s hatred for Trixie??? I bet you’ve heard the same comments all the time for your look, so why would you judge someone else so harshly??  Props to Derrick for pointing it out!

  • How would you have fared on the runway in roller stakes?
  • Who’s your favorite queen so far?

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