What Happens in Vegas… – What Will K Said


If you haven’t already read my first 2 Vegas Vacation posts make sure to check those out here and here. This week I want to focus on one of the things Vegas is famous for, the shows!   Vegas entertainment is great because you can find everything from superstars like Celine & Britney, Cirque shows, Magic, Comedy, & enough celebrity impersonation to keep anyone happy!  I decided to go with the celebrity impersonation for my most recent trip for a few reasons. 1 Ticket Prices and 2 my past experiences with similar shows.

The ticket prices for my shows were already low PLUS I found them on Groupon Live and saved even more money, that’s a pro tip there.. be sure to check lots of places before you book. I also discovered once I was there that I probably could have opted for the cheaper tickets and had a similar experience because the theaters aren’t that big, but that’s up to personal choices.

The shows we decided to see during our trip were Divas & Legends in Concert. I’ve wanted to see Divas for years. I mean Frank Mariano is a LEGEND of Vegas, and Drag in my opinion & I must say that the show did not disappoint. We got to see probably close to 10 different “celebs” on stage which was awesome & these aren’t new drag queens, they are professionals.

The venue itself is nice, it’s part of the Linq which just recently underwent a remodel & lots of additions. The only negative for the show was that the sound wasn’t great, so at times it was hard to hear… but not a reason to miss this show!  While they’ve been on the strip for over 30 years… and I hope MANY more I wouldn’t recommend waiting and miss your chance to see some of the best Drag impersonators in the market.

The second show I opted to see was Legends in Concert, which I’d previously seen on my Alaskan cruise with Norwegian. We were treated to Elton, Tina, & Madonna on the boat and the show in Vegas offered us the chance to see Prince, The Blues Brothers, Frank Sinatra, and ADELE!!!

The performers were great! They sing live & truly embody everything it means to be one of these Legends!  The crowd for this show was a bit older, but still pretty fun!  They don’t’ just sing & disappear, they also interact with the crowd & pose for photos afterwards.

The venue is part of the Flamingo, so while you are there be sure to head towards the back and visit their flock! If you want to see a Legends in Concert show you can actually watch them all over the US & at sea with Norwegian!

What shows would you opt to see if you were in Vegas right now?


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