Its a bird, it’s a plane…. – What Will K Said

In anticipation of the upcoming Batman vs Superman film I wanted to share some of my favorite memories of both Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman… because I’ve got lots of them!  I’ve always loved superheroes, from my first viewing of 90’s animated version of X-Men all the way to today, so lets take a trip down memory lane.

Superman has always been a character that stands out in my mind, I’m not particularly special in this regard, he’s probably the most popular superhero of all.. but my reasons might be a little different.  One reason that the Man of Steel has been a favorite of mine is because he was an outsider, as a kid the idea of being “different” resonated with me.  I might not have been an alien from a dying planet, but there was something that made me standout & I loved that I shared that experience with Clark Kent!

Truth, Justice, and the American Way.. as a kid who loved rules the idea of the superhero who fought for everything “right” pretty much hit the nail on the head.  Some people liked to cheer for the bad guys, but I was the kid who knew all the rules & was happy to share them with you.

The Adventures of Lois and Clark are another big reason that I love Superman as much as I do… this series was one of the first “grown up” shows that I remember watching as a kid.  I loved that you could take a character, which for me was a part of my childhood, and put him in adult situations.  I wanted to become a reporter, I wished for glasses, & dreamed of moving to the city.

The final reason I loved Superman was because he wasn’t afraid to ask for help, work with others, & introduced me to lots of amazing characters (that I’ve probably grown to love a bit more over the years!)  If it weren’t for Kal-El I wouldn’t have seen Helen Slater don the “S” as Supergirl, wouldn’t have a clue who Jimmy Olsen is, or have developed a young crush on Dean Cain.

I can’t wait or the Batman v Superman film to come out.. It’s going to be an epic start to what I hope is a very successful set of films.

What version of Superman is your favorite?


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