That episode was Bitch Perfect – RPDR Season 8 Review – What Will K Said

Welcome to the second week of my RuPauls Drag Race Season 8 review, this week we got to see just how these ladies lip sync, dance, & serve red-carpet realness. If you’re a fan of Drag Race you’ll know that these early team challenges can show you A LOT about the queens.

The challenge itself was fun & cute, RuPaul’s take on Pitch Perfect with the show Bitch Perfect. We got to see the two different teams fight it out via lip sync.  I wasn’t sure about the team choices, there didn’t seem to be a clear direction in the choices.  I felt like the stronger of the two team was Chi Chi Devayne’s – she had the stronger personalities for sure!

Chi Chi Devayne also had to deal with some incredibly bitchy attitudes, Acid Betty was KILLING me this episode. The fact that they called her a “team player” is insane, she was anything but that.  The rest of the group didn’t do much to help the situation.

The Runway: I loved some of these looks & others were horrible.

  • Kim Chi killed the runway… again. I feel like this will be a trend.
  • Derrick’s outfit was different… I don’t think she should wear that color of red hair.
  • Dax Excalmation Point delivered a very different look this week, which didn’t work well for her in this setting.

My top pick for the week would be Chi Chi Devayne, she had to deal with Acid Betty & Thorgy Thor’s attention grabbing antics, attitudes, & more. The look wasn’t great on the runway, but it was put together & didn’t hinder her in anyway.

That Lip Sync… snoozefest 2016. Thank you Ru for making the right choice, anytime Michelle’s eye brow is up that high it’s not a good thing.

What are you feelings about this season? Any favorites so far?



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