Eating my way through Las Vegas

If you haven’t read my first post about My Vegas Vacation be sure to check it out here. There are lots of things you can do in Vegas; relax at the pool, gamble away your cash, see a show (stay tuned for next week!), or enjoy food from some of the top chefs in the US.

One of the things that my partner and I were looking forward to during our Vegas trip was the food. We love to eat, whether it’s fine dining, a grab and go donut window, or your neighborhood pizza joint, so a large portion of the Vegas trip was built around food!

There are so many options in Vegas, you can eat dinner with any number of Iron Chef, Food Network, and Top Chef stars, we opted to plan our special meals with Giada and Michael Mina.  It seems crazy to me, but until about a year and a half ago Giada didn’t have her own restaurant, she’d been on TV for years but just recently opened her namesake in the recently remodeled Cromwell Hotel.

We were hoping to get a table in the window at Giada overlooking the strip, while we didn’t get one of the prime spots…. All was forgiven as soon as the bread arrived. Wowza!  This food was amazing.  The menu offers options from small to large, pasta to meat, and a few special options that change monthly. The standout item of the dinner was absolutely the Arancini, perfect bite to start your meal!

Our next meal was actually a brunch, because who doesn’t love brunch? Bardot, a French style brassiere opened up less than a year ago in the Aria and is my opinion a MUST for anyone visiting Vegas.  The brunch options range from carb overload (which we did) to more health aware options. The standout dish for us was the French Toast, which was no surprise because it was pretty much the reason we went.  They also have a bottomless rose option… so that’s a mega win!

The best drinks we found in Vegas were located in the Linq complex at the Squeeze Bar. These drinks are made with fresh juices as opposed to the normal sugar syrups you find in high traffic bars.  The staff were also great, though we didn’t spend much time with them it was clear they were having a good day!

Where are some of your favorite places to eat and drink (or drink & eat, or just drink) in Vegas?


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