3.14.16 – The Weekend Recap – What Will K Said

Hello there!  Life is finally starting to get more exciting than attempting not to freeze death on the weekends in Chicago so I figured I’d start doing Weekend Recap’s again.  This weekend ended up being a bit busier than I expected.

Friday night started in the best possible way, with a Wine Tasting at work!  We have a monthly “Cheer” event & this month was a Winter Wine Tasting, hosted by a level 1 sommelier (who happens to be on staff).  We were treated to 7 different wines with a focus on Austrian wines/grapes as much as possible.

If you’ve never done a wine tasting I highly encourage it!  I’m not someone who typically likes to drink Red Wines, so these tastings are great because I get to taste without committing to a full glass.

Saturday was Chicago’s official celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, all the traditional events happened.. Dyeing of the river, large crowds downtown, etc.  I skipped most of it & instead went to a Diva themed Peloton class at Studio Three & rode to the sounds of Mariah, Whitney, Tina, etc… it was quite the fabulous ride!

After fighting my way the many drunk folks wandering around downtown we opted for a night in & tried grilling zucchini on our George Foreman.. I can’t recommend that necessarily – any tips on how to grill veggies on that thing?

Sunday morning we woke up to rain.. lots of it!  This gave us the opportunity to run a few errands (if stocking up on wine is an errand) & shop for a new coffee maker as our Keurig died this morning (RIP).  We also decided to make ice cream & tried a new style… cereal infused… yep it was as awesome as it sounds!

Homemade Cap’n Crunch Berries Ice Cream

What kind of fun did you get into this weekend?


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