Bang! Pow! Ack! & other reasons I love Batman.

In anticipation of the upcoming Batman vs Superman film I wanted to share some of my favorite memories of Batman, Superman, & of course Wonder Woman… because I’ve got lots of them!  I’ve always loved superheroes, from my first viewing of 90’s animated version of X-Men all the way to today, so lets take a trip down memory lane.

My first memory of Batman is hard to pinpoint.. it’s either the award winning 1992 Animated series or the campy Bruce Wayne of the 1960’s, for me either one is a great introduction.  The love affair with the bat has endured numerous actors, plenty of storylines, & a few failed attempts to create my very own Batsuit.

The storylines of Batman have been so varied throughout the years that you can find a bat moment to go along with any situation you might be experiencing!  If you are in a sulky, dark mood search out the Nolan films, feeling a bit more fun and light hearted, go for Brave and the Bold.  The story of Batman is wildly popular so you can take your pick!

As amazing as Bruce is, the supporting cast of the Bat family might be the best in the superhero universe.  You’ve got Dick, Barbara, Alfred, Selena, Harvey, Joker, Penguin, & so many more that I could continue on for pages and pages.  The family dynamic that plays out both within the Bat family as well as the criminals is superb!

Above it all though is the fact that Bruce Wayne could do nothing, he could sit on his money, relax in his mansion, & drive his fancy cars… but wants to do more.  The idea of making an investment in our communities is one that I grew to love, while I’m not willing to make quite the same set of sacrifices, the message of fighting for what you love is great.

I’m excited to see how this move pits the two superpowers against each other, because if my mind they’ve always held two different but equal places.  On one side you have optimism and the other practicality.

Who’s your favorite Bat-family member?


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