RuPaul’s Drag Race is BACK!

Hello & welcome to a new series on my blog – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 reviews.  I’ve been a LOYAL fan of Drag Race since the very beginning – I used to watch it on VH1 the first season!  I can honestly say that I’ve seen all 100 episodes at least twice (maybe more) & have a meet a large portion of the Drag Race queens over the years.

I’m really excited that RPDR is back & excited to see what Season 8 has in store for us!  I was having flash backs to grad school when I didn’t have cable watching the episode this morning on the website since I’m traveling & my hotel clearly doesn’t have Logo.

This week we go to see the new queens attempt to stand out in a photo challenge with all the past winners (plus a clown), it was a pretty fun challenge that I enjoyed! You got to see all sides of the contestants, a few felt this was their moment to throw shade while others seemed to appreciate the opportunity to be among Drag Race royalty.

In my opinion the best photos from the Mini Challenge came from Kim Chi and Derrick.

The Main Challenge gave us the chance to see how these queens would react to some pressure.. and no surprises, there was a queen who didn’t know how to sew… really.  I thought that the idea of the challenge was a fun walk down memory lane!  It’s really hard to get to know the queens at this stage because there are so many of them still!  I like when we to get to see more of the behind the scenes of them building up the main challenge.

The top and bottom made total sense to me – we all knew who the winners and the losers were.. there were no questions this week.   I didn’t feel that Nayasha should have been up for elimination, however once I saw her lip sync.. I was ok with her going home.

My favorite queens so far:

Kim Chi  – Hey Chicago!  I love her style, I feel like we are going to get some interesting looks out of this one over the course of the season.

Derrick Barry – I’ve been a HUGE Derrick fan for years!  I remember seeing him on America’s Got Talent & then multiple live shows over the years.. I think that he could be the next Courtney Act.

Bob The Drag Queen – I’m intrigued.. I feel like the comedy can be great.. but I need him and Derrick to get along.

Who were your favorites?  What was the most Gag Worthy moment for you?



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