Not Your Father’s Spray Deodorant – What Will K Said

If you are like me you’ve probably never used, or even thought about using spray deodorant.  The common image of a person using a spray deodorant is clearly a vintage one, it doesn’t help that the most common brand hasn’t updated their product in years… but that has changed!  Unilever has recently launched their MotionSense Dry Spray technology to a few of their different brands & I recently got a chance to try one of them thanks to VoxBox.

Degree Men is one of the brands which launched a new Dry Spray – you’ll also find a few women focused variants as well as an offering from Dove. The product promises to deliver 48-hour motion activated protection in a spray which doesn’t leave any wet residue upon application & after a few weeks of testing I must say that it delivers on almost all of those promises.

IMG_20160315_211236 (2)

The staying power of the deodorant might well be 48 hours, but I don’t typically go that long between workouts/showers so I’m often reapplying, however I can say that I does last a comparable time frame to my standard stick deodorant on a daily basis.  I actually end up feeling a little fresher by the end of the day with the Degree Men MotionSense Dry Spray than I do with a stick style. 

The area where I think this product does well is in the motion activated effect.  I notice a HUGE difference in my smell after a spin class with this vs a traditional stick style deodorant.  I feel like throughout the class there isn’t a noticeable scent coming off me during the arms songs & my workout clothing (while still drenched) isn’t as smelly. 

All in all, I’d definitely recommend this product – but I think if you are someone who works out you’ll love it!  The motion activation is the key selling point for me, honestly what more could I ask for a deodorant than a fresh scent after 45 minutes of sweat?  

You can find the Degree Men MotionSense Deodorant at CVS & other retailers – current price is 6.99 for a 3.8-ounce bottle. 

I was provided this product for free from VoxBox, Unilever, & CVS for testing purposes – however my opinion is my own & was not influenced by my involvement in this campaign.


The Weekend Recap – 3.28.16 – What Will K Said

After the weekend I had, I’m oddly excited to get back to “regular” life.  I don’t normally feel that way & typically prefer to be the type of person who doesn’t have a routine, but this weekend really took it out of me!

It all started in Dallas on Friday, I was finishing up a work trip & knew I was in for a late night.  I had a flight scheduled out at 9:30, but due to some confusion with my day I ended up at the airport about 6 hours early.  A quick check in with the agents confirmed I was stuck on the later flight, but after taking a look at their website I cancelled & booked a much sooner flight… so winning right?


That flight was ultimately delayed for 2 hours, so I ended up getting out a total 25 minutes earlier than my previously scheduled flight.  That set me up for a rough weekend, I couldn’t catch up on sleep, felt like crap from sitting all day at work/airport/plane, but I did my best not let it get me down.

Saturday morning I slept in for what felt like forever (it was really only about 9am) & grabbed a quick breakfast before heading over to Flywheel for a little spin session.  There was some type of special celebration going on, I missed what it was for, but it made for a fun class!

I’ve been on the hunt for new jeans for awhile now & thought I had found the perfect pair in the Banana Republic Vintage Straight fit.. but after trying on a few pairs ultimately struck out again.  Does anyone know of a brand of Jeans good for guys with gigantic calves? I went to the Levi store but couldn’t find any there either, so I gave up & made my way home.

Sunday morning we decided to skip dining out due to Easter brunches & instead I made my way to the new-ish New City complex & tried out the Arc Light theater for a showing of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I enjoyed the movie, felt like Arc Light was a bit overpriced but they did have MUCH better popcorn than most of the other theaters.  The weekend ended with a trip out for dinner at Balena, since the boyfriend and I are both going to be busy at work for the new few weeks… that might be the last dinner out for awhile.

  • What did you get into this weekend?
  • Any recommendations for me on those jeans?
  • How do you bounce back after travel?


Checkout the Supercar

If you are like me you are probably pretty excited for the Batman vs Superman premiere this week.  I’ve been a fan of both Batman and Superman for as long as I can remember, so whenever I find memorabila from either fandom I grab a picture of it!

Superman styled Kia at the #ixcenter #autoshow #superman #kia #optima #cars

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4 Facts about this photo

  1. This photo was taken at the Cleveland Auto Show
  2. Sadly this was the only styled vehicle I could find, there wasn’t a Batman or Wonder Woman to go along with it.
  3. I’ve owned those jeans since high school.
  4. Inside the IX Center you can not only look at cars, dog shows, etc but also ride an indoor ferris wheel!

Have you ever been to an Auto Show?

Overacting 101 – RuPaul Drag Race Season 8 Review – What Will K Said

Welcome to another edition of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 review series – this week we got to see the queens in their first acting challenge of the season.  If you are a RPDR fan be sure to check back weekly because I’m reviewing the entire season 8!   Episode 1 & Episode 2 reviews can be found by clicking the link.

In a surprising turn of events last week RuPaul announced that two queens were going home & that left an opening for someone to come back.  I honestly wasn’t sure if they were going to use this as a chance to bring back someone from a previous season ( ala Shangela) or give Nyasha another opportunity.  I was overall happy with the decision & felt like she did a pretty good job in her first episode back.


The main competition this week was an overacting challenge, which a few of the queens clearly have experience doing!  I felt like the teams were well split this week – you had strong folks on both sides & I don’t know if there was a clear winner between the two teams.  I did find it interesting that the standouts were both the “Cookie” characters while both of the “secret gay girls” fell flat.. maybe it wasn’t their fault as much as the role/writing?

The runway challenge caught me off guard, I couldn’t believe that they had the girls do the runway in roller skates!  I would have died if it were me, I’ve never mastered those things.  The looks ran from literal interpretation to some pretty awesome fantasy outfits!  I thought that Kim Chi looked great & disagreed with the negativity surrounding Derrick’s outfit.  The worst in terms of runway look for me were clearly Cynthia but also Chi Chi.

I felt like the winner this week was correct, but would have agreed with Thorgy being selected as well.  They both did a GREAT job!  (again was this because they had the best material to work with???)

The lip sync itself was pretty good!  Robbie surprised me on those skates!  I was convinced that was going to be a bad decision… but DAMN that girl can skate.  I’ll be sad to see Cynthia go but do feel like it’s the best choice at this moment.

Untucked Bonus – What the heck is with Acid Betty’s hatred for Trixie??? I bet you’ve heard the same comments all the time for your look, so why would you judge someone else so harshly??  Props to Derrick for pointing it out!

  • How would you have fared on the runway in roller stakes?
  • Who’s your favorite queen so far?

What Happens in Vegas… – What Will K Said


If you haven’t already read my first 2 Vegas Vacation posts make sure to check those out here and here. This week I want to focus on one of the things Vegas is famous for, the shows!   Vegas entertainment is great because you can find everything from superstars like Celine & Britney, Cirque shows, Magic, Comedy, & enough celebrity impersonation to keep anyone happy!  I decided to go with the celebrity impersonation for my most recent trip for a few reasons. 1 Ticket Prices and 2 my past experiences with similar shows.

The ticket prices for my shows were already low PLUS I found them on Groupon Live and saved even more money, that’s a pro tip there.. be sure to check lots of places before you book. I also discovered once I was there that I probably could have opted for the cheaper tickets and had a similar experience because the theaters aren’t that big, but that’s up to personal choices.

The shows we decided to see during our trip were Divas & Legends in Concert. I’ve wanted to see Divas for years. I mean Frank Mariano is a LEGEND of Vegas, and Drag in my opinion & I must say that the show did not disappoint. We got to see probably close to 10 different “celebs” on stage which was awesome & these aren’t new drag queens, they are professionals.

The venue itself is nice, it’s part of the Linq which just recently underwent a remodel & lots of additions. The only negative for the show was that the sound wasn’t great, so at times it was hard to hear… but not a reason to miss this show!  While they’ve been on the strip for over 30 years… and I hope MANY more I wouldn’t recommend waiting and miss your chance to see some of the best Drag impersonators in the market.

The second show I opted to see was Legends in Concert, which I’d previously seen on my Alaskan cruise with Norwegian. We were treated to Elton, Tina, & Madonna on the boat and the show in Vegas offered us the chance to see Prince, The Blues Brothers, Frank Sinatra, and ADELE!!!

The performers were great! They sing live & truly embody everything it means to be one of these Legends!  The crowd for this show was a bit older, but still pretty fun!  They don’t’ just sing & disappear, they also interact with the crowd & pose for photos afterwards.

The venue is part of the Flamingo, so while you are there be sure to head towards the back and visit their flock! If you want to see a Legends in Concert show you can actually watch them all over the US & at sea with Norwegian!

What shows would you opt to see if you were in Vegas right now?

The Weekend Recap – 3.21.16 – What Will K Said

It’s official, Spring is finally here & apparently in Chicago that means a shift back to winter temperatures BUT I made the best of this weekend in spite of that.  This weekend was very friend focused, which is nice because winter tends to be less social! 

The weekend started off Friday night with some wine & catching up with a friend followed by watching a little of the March Madness action at one of our local sports bars.  I have no real interest & didn’t really notice them being on BUT any excuse to get cheese curds is a good one in my book!

Saturday morning, I woke up about 2 hours before my alarm for some reason, so I took that time to do some reading before grabbing a quick breakfast and making my want to Studio Three for a Spin class with Dani – she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite instructors.  After class I met up with friends for a much needed catchup and brunch session.  We decided to try new a spot, the Cherry Circle Room, which is located inside the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel.  It’s understandable why they were recently announced as one of the finalists for the James Beard award for design, it was beautiful inside.

The Bramble – a delicious mix of rum & blackberry.


After brunch we decided an afternoon of drinking was in order, so we tried out the bar inside the Langham Hotel & might have found a new favorite spot!  The service is amazing, cocktails are truly “crafted” and the views are surprisingly good for a 2nd floor spot!  We finished the day out at one of our long time favorites, Pops! 

Everything is better with a little Rose.


I initially had plans to take another class on Sunday but decided a rest day was in order, but I had already made plans to go a Juicing 101 seminar so I couldn’t fully commit to a day on the couch.  If you’ve never taken the time to learn about cold pressed juices I highly recommend it, this info session was hosted by Pressed Vibrance.  They are newer (I think?) juice company here in Chicago, they only offer delivery & encourage you to fully customize your choices with them.  I got a chance to meet the founder & hear about some of the health/wellness issues which pushed him to start the company… without rehashing it all let me just say that he had some great reasons! 

  • How did you spend the first (half) weekend of Spring? 
  • I’ll be heading to Dallas later this week any recommendations for me? 

Its a bird, it’s a plane…. – What Will K Said

In anticipation of the upcoming Batman vs Superman film I wanted to share some of my favorite memories of both Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman… because I’ve got lots of them!  I’ve always loved superheroes, from my first viewing of 90’s animated version of X-Men all the way to today, so lets take a trip down memory lane.

Superman has always been a character that stands out in my mind, I’m not particularly special in this regard, he’s probably the most popular superhero of all.. but my reasons might be a little different.  One reason that the Man of Steel has been a favorite of mine is because he was an outsider, as a kid the idea of being “different” resonated with me.  I might not have been an alien from a dying planet, but there was something that made me standout & I loved that I shared that experience with Clark Kent!

Truth, Justice, and the American Way.. as a kid who loved rules the idea of the superhero who fought for everything “right” pretty much hit the nail on the head.  Some people liked to cheer for the bad guys, but I was the kid who knew all the rules & was happy to share them with you.

The Adventures of Lois and Clark are another big reason that I love Superman as much as I do… this series was one of the first “grown up” shows that I remember watching as a kid.  I loved that you could take a character, which for me was a part of my childhood, and put him in adult situations.  I wanted to become a reporter, I wished for glasses, & dreamed of moving to the city.

The final reason I loved Superman was because he wasn’t afraid to ask for help, work with others, & introduced me to lots of amazing characters (that I’ve probably grown to love a bit more over the years!)  If it weren’t for Kal-El I wouldn’t have seen Helen Slater don the “S” as Supergirl, wouldn’t have a clue who Jimmy Olsen is, or have developed a young crush on Dean Cain.

I can’t wait or the Batman v Superman film to come out.. It’s going to be an epic start to what I hope is a very successful set of films.

What version of Superman is your favorite?