FLYing through our PR’s.

Do you happen to have a little competitive edge?  Do you get motivated by seeing your numbers on the Torq Board or knowing that you were in orange zone for more than 20 minutes of your workout?

I do.  I’ve always had this side of myself (I hid it a lot as a kid) & while it can have negative aspects.. it can also be a huge benefit!  The excitement that builds when I think I might be able to push myself over another PR might be just what I need to work a little bit harder this workout.

This past weekend I took advantage of the Classpass Flex program and took a few spin classes in Miami – one at Red Bike and another at Flywheel.  The Red Bike is a more traditional spin without all the tech, I’ve grown to love, & instead has more of a focus on rhythm based riding.  My trip to the Miami Beach Flywheel however allowed me to finally break though my Flywheel PR!

The 300 Club feels great!


I’ve been working on getting back to this point for awhile.. I previously hit my Flywheel PR back in August right before I went on vacation & started traveling for work, which caused me to push fitness on the back burner a bit. BUT I’ve been working on getting back up there, and it finally happened this week!

One of the things I like about Flywheel, Full Psycle, Sproing Sport, & everyone else with the tech component is that I can see how hard I’m working.. I can always feel it.. but my best one day is completely different than the next  I recently got a Garmin Vivofit 2 with the Heart Rate Strap so that I can start to see how hard I’m working no matter where I am.

While I don’t think that every workout should be about trying to hit your PR or move up on the leaderboard, it also doesn’t hurt to have some motivation when you need a reason to get off the couch!  Plus it’s a good way to set rewards for yourself… now about those leggings I wanted.

Do you keep track of your PR’s?  Any post PR routines?


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