Full House, X Files, & Gilmore Girls… What’s the next big reboot?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you are probably well aware of the fact that Fuller House recently launched on Netflix, Gilmore Girls has started production on their Netflix Update, the X-Files recently came back on the air after more than a 10 year hiatus, & plenty other shows are up for a rebirth.  I’m torn between being excited and sad that we apparently can’t create new ideas anymore.

The trend seems like its one that’ll likely stick around, so I figured why not send a few of my favorites out into the collective mind incase some executive hasn’t already had these ideas.  I have a few different ideas, some that would be just the old cast, some mixing an old and new, and then a few with a completely new take on the story (but not necessarily a reboot).

Original Cast – My goal here would be to see what our favorite (or least favorite) characters have been up to since the show went off the air, these are perfect for short term events.


Dawson’s Creek – I want to see how Jack & Doug have done raising Amy, if Joey and Pacey are still happy, has Dawson became the superstar director he was destined to become?  This would make my so happy, this show was incredibly important to my development as  a teenager, plus I feel like the cast would be interested in doing it!

Mix of Old and New – In my mind this is our sorta checking in with the original cast, but saying goodbye and seeing if there is potential for a second run.


Charmed – If there is any show that was ahead of its time in my mind it was the story of the Halliwell sisters.. and that’s what made it good.  If this show were to launch for the first round right now, I don’t know if it would have lasted as long as it did, BUT I think its the perfect time to check back in with the Halliwell clan.

Completely New Cast – There are some shows which are incredibly powerful for what they were and shouldn’t be rebooted, however if you wanted to build upon the show I’m totally ok with that.

Fan Art – Visit for more from the artist

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I’m not sure where exactly this would go, but I’d love to see how the slayers are doing in the fight against evil today.  I don’t want to see the comic book series on screen necessarily, but instead focusing on smaller groups or a new set of characters…

What are some of your favorite shows you’d like to see back on air?




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