It’s time to SWEAT, a Chicago gym review.

As you might remember, I’m a Classpass member which means that I get to try out lots of different gyms but like most people I find my favorites & wanted to share one of those with you today!  If you haven’t heard of Sweat Chicago head over to their website & check them out – once you’re done come back here to check out my review!

Sweat Chicago is located near Clark/Division, which makes it a very convenient option for after work classes. The method of instruction at Sweat is High Intensity Interval Workouts, which I LOVE!  The trainers at Sweat do a great job of working their way around the space making sure that everyone is getting the most from the workout & doing it safely!


A typical Sweat class includes weights, rowers, treadmill time, body-weight exercises, & occasionally boxes.  You’ll find a different style of workout each day – my personal favorite is Tuesdays, Total Body Tabata.  I love the idea of working max effort for 20 seconds & getting a little rest.. the near constant activity keeps my heart rate up & keeps me motivated because it’s only 20 seconds!

One of the reasons I like Sweat is because it forces me to try new equipment & do things that I otherwise wouldn’t.  I hate the treadmill, so knowing that I’m only going to spend a small portion of my workout on it is good for me!  I know that I need to use it, but the workouts at Sweat make it go by quickly!  They also make me try new equipment like Kettlebells… can’t say I love them, but happy I got to try them!

The staff at Sweat are awesome, they manage to provide everyone with encouragement & those classes can get large sometimes!  The Sweat team also has a pretty good Instagram account which gets me excited about my upcoming classes!

The last thing I love about Sweat is that you’ve got a healthy dinner/smoothie option right outside their door! Kitchfix is located just up the stairs from Sweat, so after killing it for 60 minutes you can grab a healthy dinner to go… because really who wants to stand in the kitchen after HIIT style workouts???

What are some of your favorite types of workouts?  Any gym recommendations for me in Chicagoland?


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