January 2016 Sci-fi Block Review

Do you like Sci-fi?  Go crazy for anything Star or Space themed?  Can’t get enough of the X-Files?  You might want to checkout Sci-Fi Block, it’s your monthly dose of Sci-Fi Memorabila hand-picked & delivered directly to you for 29.99!

A few weeks ago I received by 2nd Sci-Fi Block, like the previous month’s block.. it was filled with a mix of things I was excited about and a few I could have done without. It seems like each month has a “light” theme, last month I received 2 Star Wars themed items & this month it was 2 Doctor Who items.  I’ve yet to get a full box dedicated to one theme hence the term “light.”

If you aren’t familiar with this specific box checkout their website – Sci-Fi Block

Lets jump into the items I got this month!

Scifi Block

Tardis T-Shirt – Each month you get a t-shirt, it seems like that is a big part of the “theme” for the month.  I like the design and quality of this shirt… but I’m not the biggest Doctor Who fan, so I would kinda feel like an imposter wearing this one.

Doctor Who Sticker Sheet & Large Sticker – I love the designs of these stickers.. and who doesn’t love stickers??

Neo from Matrix Pop Figure – This was the biggest let down of the month for me.  I feel like the Doctor jumped in the tardis on the shirt and pulled this one out of pop culture history.

T-800 Endoskeleton – Reaction Figures – I’m not the biggest fan of the Terminator series.. and the build quality on this isn’t great.  If it wasn’t in the package I don’t know if I’d be able to say that it’s a T-800.. it’s pretty generic looking.

The Iron Giant Button 4-Pack – Where as the Neo throwback seems like just some extra product.. this one is actually exciting.  I loved the Iron Giant & feel like I’ve seen articles about this film recently… so clearly a win!


Star Trek Skele-Trek Mini Figure – This was a fun little surprise in a box of surprises, it came sealed so I had no idea what I was getting until it was open.  I was happy to see that I got the Borg, it’s a fun little guy that has been added to my growing collection taking over my desk.

Which of these items would you want?

If you missed last months review check it out!





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