SoulCycle X Target: CHItown edition

It’s official, I’ve finally tried the most famous “cult building” workout… and I lived to tell.  If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about you can find plenty of articles praising or naysaying all that SoulCycle is.  Here are a few to get you started down the rabbit hole…

Needless to say.. I’ve been wanting to try a SoulCycle class for awhile.  I’ve heard that the classes are killer in terms of your workout.. and you might even have an emotional breakthrough(think spinning at 90 RPM while crying…)

This past weekend I was lucky enough to grab one of the spots on the SoulCycle X Target tour across the US.   The kick off to this tour featured not one but two celebrity guest riders – Lea Michele and Hilary Duff… PLUS a special live performance by Rachel Platten.  While the Chicago event wasn’t quite this star studded.. it was a great way for me to try out the workout and get a sneak peek at their new clothing line which is launching at Target.

The event featured about 6 classes a day with probably somewhere in the range of 45-50 bikes per class, so while it was a large event you still got the personal attention you were expecting.  I had the pleasure of riding in Brent‘s class on Saturday morning.. it was a great ride & one that I’m planning to try out again in an actual studio.

The SoulCycle bikes are a bit different than those you’d find at Flywheel or the Peloton bikes you can purchase for home use.  I found myself having a bit of an adjustment issue, but a few songs it didn’t notice it as much.  The class itself flew by, we sprinted, we climbed, we lifted, and attempted to ride to the beat as much as possible.  I liked the music, I liked Brent’s approach, but felt a little lost without the normal data I get from my spin sessions.

After class we were treated to Suja Presed Probiotic Waters, a gift bag with a coupon for the C9 clothing brand (which I’ll be using on some new tights!) and the opportunity to take photos, I however looked like a mess so no sweaty-selfies here.

How did you spend your Saturday morning?





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