My Favorite Podcasts of 2015

 Over the last few years I’ve dabbled in the world of podcasts, I’ve listened to one or two… but never really got completely into this style of storytelling, until 2015.  I’m not sure if it’s just that more is available now or the quality is that different, but they provided me with hours of entertainment this year! 

My appreciation for podcasts in 2015 spanned genres , I enjoyed everything from interviews to fictional storytelling, but they all shared one element – the connection.  I found that in an interview setting not only did I learn about the person being interviewed, but the interview opened up more and more each week which created a connection between me and the host.  The connection is what kept me listening, I started plenty more podcasts than I finished in 2015 – it’s not to say that these are the only good ones… but these ones just connected with me personally. 

What’s the T, with RuPaul and Michelle Visage – I believe this podcast started before 2015, but I didn’t really become a loyal follower until this year.  The stories Ru and Michelle shared each week entertained and sometimes (ok not often) educated me.  This podcast provided a window into the relationship those two have developed over the 20 plus years they’ve known each other & the guests have been pretty awesome as well!  

The Black Tapes Podcast – This was my newest addiction, and I’m so happy I found this one!  The Black tapes introduced us to one loveable character & one that was more infuriating than anything else.  I love that we got to know not only Alex but also Richard, Nick, & the rest of the cast over the 12 episodes.  The storyline was strong & I can’t wait for season two so that I can learn even more about the paranormal!  

The Message – Wow. This became the podcast too beat this year, the storytelling and production on this one was awesome!  I found myself wishing there was more… but still satisfied at the same time.  If this is the future of podcasting I might need to invest in better headphones & get rid of my television, but this was outstanding storytelling.  

Undisclosed – I was a HUGE fane of serial and loved that it provided a mostly unbiased view of the case… but like Rabia & the rest of the Undisclosed team I felt there was so much evidence against the possibility that Adnan was the murderer, I’ve enjoyed being able to hear about the developments in his fight for justice.

What are some podcasts that you enjoyed last year?  Any recommendations for me? 


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