Ricky7Whispers – AMSR Artist of the Month


Welcome to another edition of the ASMR Artist of the Month series.  If you aren’t familiar with ASMR checkout this link, it’ll help you get a basic understanding.  I use ASMR for all kinds of things.. from relaxation to focusing at work.

Last month I shared the artist who introduced me to the world of ASMR – checkout that post if you haven’t already.  This month I wanted to share any artist who offers all different kinds of ASMR options.  You’ll find him on Youtube at Ricky7Whispers.

If you are new to ASMR some of his videos will be a bit odd… to say the least… but you might find them enjoyable.  A few of his favorite techniques of mine include mouth sounds/beard scratching & the way he approaches ear to ear whispering.

Did you enjoy this months featured artist?


FLYing through our PR’s.

Do you happen to have a little competitive edge?  Do you get motivated by seeing your numbers on the Torq Board or knowing that you were in orange zone for more than 20 minutes of your workout?

I do.  I’ve always had this side of myself (I hid it a lot as a kid) & while it can have negative aspects.. it can also be a huge benefit!  The excitement that builds when I think I might be able to push myself over another PR might be just what I need to work a little bit harder this workout.

This past weekend I took advantage of the Classpass Flex program and took a few spin classes in Miami – one at Red Bike and another at Flywheel.  The Red Bike is a more traditional spin without all the tech, I’ve grown to love, & instead has more of a focus on rhythm based riding.  My trip to the Miami Beach Flywheel however allowed me to finally break though my Flywheel PR!

The 300 Club feels great!


I’ve been working on getting back to this point for awhile.. I previously hit my Flywheel PR back in August right before I went on vacation & started traveling for work, which caused me to push fitness on the back burner a bit. BUT I’ve been working on getting back up there, and it finally happened this week!

One of the things I like about Flywheel, Full Psycle, Sproing Sport, & everyone else with the tech component is that I can see how hard I’m working.. I can always feel it.. but my best one day is completely different than the next  I recently got a Garmin Vivofit 2 with the Heart Rate Strap so that I can start to see how hard I’m working no matter where I am.

While I don’t think that every workout should be about trying to hit your PR or move up on the leaderboard, it also doesn’t hurt to have some motivation when you need a reason to get off the couch!  Plus it’s a good way to set rewards for yourself… now about those leggings I wanted.

Do you keep track of your PR’s?  Any post PR routines?

Those Tights… Fashion Friday

Do you ever find yourself obsessed with an article of clothing that you know you don’t need.. but can’t stop thinking about?  I’m in that position right now!  These Nike Power Speed Tights keep popping up everywhere (facebook ads, instagram celebs, etc).  I would click purchase but the $150 price tag is just a bit to much.. but just look at them!


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This also brings up a big annoyance in my life.. how hard it is to find tights for guys in anything other than standard black, blue, or grey.  If Fabelitics/FL2 offered even half as many tights from the female line I’d happily sign up for a monthly shipment!

How do you rationalize a big purchase that you know you dont’ need???  Or Talk yourself out of it?

My First Instagram Post

Over the past few months I’ve found myself using Instagram more than any other social media outlet, it could be because of the focus on a photo instead of long winded debates about politics, or I just like pretty pictures.  I thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite Instagram posts with you incase you aren’t a follower (and if you are you probably haven’t went through all of my posts).

My first Instagram post is from roughly 47 months ago.  Here is the picture and the story to follow…

2 ladies stumbling home from #openingday with @indians

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As you can see from the caption on the photo I took this after a Cleveland Indians Opening day, that might give you some hints about 2012 me.

  1. I lived in Cleveland at this time, I was finishing up my graduate school program at Baldwin Wallace University
  2. I went to opening day, as I did for a few years in a row.  It was one of my favorite things to do back then…. I haven’t been to a baseball game since moving to Chicago.
  3. It was clearly a sunny day (or atleast the end of the day was)
  4. These girls looked like they had a great day.  If you’ve ever been to an MLB opening day you know there is a positive energy that is infectious!
Do you remember your first Instagram post?  Have you ever been to an opening day?

Full House, X Files, & Gilmore Girls… What’s the next big reboot?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you are probably well aware of the fact that Fuller House recently launched on Netflix, Gilmore Girls has started production on their Netflix Update, the X-Files recently came back on the air after more than a 10 year hiatus, & plenty other shows are up for a rebirth.  I’m torn between being excited and sad that we apparently can’t create new ideas anymore.

The trend seems like its one that’ll likely stick around, so I figured why not send a few of my favorites out into the collective mind incase some executive hasn’t already had these ideas.  I have a few different ideas, some that would be just the old cast, some mixing an old and new, and then a few with a completely new take on the story (but not necessarily a reboot).

Original Cast – My goal here would be to see what our favorite (or least favorite) characters have been up to since the show went off the air, these are perfect for short term events.


Dawson’s Creek – I want to see how Jack & Doug have done raising Amy, if Joey and Pacey are still happy, has Dawson became the superstar director he was destined to become?  This would make my so happy, this show was incredibly important to my development as  a teenager, plus I feel like the cast would be interested in doing it!

Mix of Old and New – In my mind this is our sorta checking in with the original cast, but saying goodbye and seeing if there is potential for a second run.


Charmed – If there is any show that was ahead of its time in my mind it was the story of the Halliwell sisters.. and that’s what made it good.  If this show were to launch for the first round right now, I don’t know if it would have lasted as long as it did, BUT I think its the perfect time to check back in with the Halliwell clan.

Completely New Cast – There are some shows which are incredibly powerful for what they were and shouldn’t be rebooted, however if you wanted to build upon the show I’m totally ok with that.

Fan Art – Visit for more from the artist

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I’m not sure where exactly this would go, but I’d love to see how the slayers are doing in the fight against evil today.  I don’t want to see the comic book series on screen necessarily, but instead focusing on smaller groups or a new set of characters…

What are some of your favorite shows you’d like to see back on air?



It’s time to SWEAT, a Chicago gym review.

As you might remember, I’m a Classpass member which means that I get to try out lots of different gyms but like most people I find my favorites & wanted to share one of those with you today!  If you haven’t heard of Sweat Chicago head over to their website & check them out – once you’re done come back here to check out my review!

Sweat Chicago is located near Clark/Division, which makes it a very convenient option for after work classes. The method of instruction at Sweat is High Intensity Interval Workouts, which I LOVE!  The trainers at Sweat do a great job of working their way around the space making sure that everyone is getting the most from the workout & doing it safely!


A typical Sweat class includes weights, rowers, treadmill time, body-weight exercises, & occasionally boxes.  You’ll find a different style of workout each day – my personal favorite is Tuesdays, Total Body Tabata.  I love the idea of working max effort for 20 seconds & getting a little rest.. the near constant activity keeps my heart rate up & keeps me motivated because it’s only 20 seconds!

One of the reasons I like Sweat is because it forces me to try new equipment & do things that I otherwise wouldn’t.  I hate the treadmill, so knowing that I’m only going to spend a small portion of my workout on it is good for me!  I know that I need to use it, but the workouts at Sweat make it go by quickly!  They also make me try new equipment like Kettlebells… can’t say I love them, but happy I got to try them!

The staff at Sweat are awesome, they manage to provide everyone with encouragement & those classes can get large sometimes!  The Sweat team also has a pretty good Instagram account which gets me excited about my upcoming classes!

The last thing I love about Sweat is that you’ve got a healthy dinner/smoothie option right outside their door! Kitchfix is located just up the stairs from Sweat, so after killing it for 60 minutes you can grab a healthy dinner to go… because really who wants to stand in the kitchen after HIIT style workouts???

What are some of your favorite types of workouts?  Any gym recommendations for me in Chicagoland?

January 2016 Sci-fi Block Review

Do you like Sci-fi?  Go crazy for anything Star or Space themed?  Can’t get enough of the X-Files?  You might want to checkout Sci-Fi Block, it’s your monthly dose of Sci-Fi Memorabila hand-picked & delivered directly to you for 29.99!

A few weeks ago I received by 2nd Sci-Fi Block, like the previous month’s block.. it was filled with a mix of things I was excited about and a few I could have done without. It seems like each month has a “light” theme, last month I received 2 Star Wars themed items & this month it was 2 Doctor Who items.  I’ve yet to get a full box dedicated to one theme hence the term “light.”

If you aren’t familiar with this specific box checkout their website – Sci-Fi Block

Lets jump into the items I got this month!

Scifi Block

Tardis T-Shirt – Each month you get a t-shirt, it seems like that is a big part of the “theme” for the month.  I like the design and quality of this shirt… but I’m not the biggest Doctor Who fan, so I would kinda feel like an imposter wearing this one.

Doctor Who Sticker Sheet & Large Sticker – I love the designs of these stickers.. and who doesn’t love stickers??

Neo from Matrix Pop Figure – This was the biggest let down of the month for me.  I feel like the Doctor jumped in the tardis on the shirt and pulled this one out of pop culture history.

T-800 Endoskeleton – Reaction Figures – I’m not the biggest fan of the Terminator series.. and the build quality on this isn’t great.  If it wasn’t in the package I don’t know if I’d be able to say that it’s a T-800.. it’s pretty generic looking.

The Iron Giant Button 4-Pack – Where as the Neo throwback seems like just some extra product.. this one is actually exciting.  I loved the Iron Giant & feel like I’ve seen articles about this film recently… so clearly a win!


Star Trek Skele-Trek Mini Figure – This was a fun little surprise in a box of surprises, it came sealed so I had no idea what I was getting until it was open.  I was happy to see that I got the Borg, it’s a fun little guy that has been added to my growing collection taking over my desk.

Which of these items would you want?

If you missed last months review check it out!