ASMR Artist of the Month

ASMR, it’s a term that doesn’t mean anything to most people.. but to those of us who are familar it means many things; relaxation, calm, & relief, included. If you aren’t familar ASMR means Autonomous sensory meridian response.. still not sure what that means?  Have you ever felt tingles in response to specific sounds?  If so you might have experienced ASMR without even knowing it!  Here is a link to learn more about ASMR..

Until about a year ago I had never heard of ASMR, I hadn’t found the community on Youtube which nutures these interests, or understood the ways that ASMR could help me in my day to day life.  Now that I’ve found ASMR I use it to focus during the day, relax before bed, & on those stubborn days when I can’t fall asleep.. it’s there to help as well!

I don’t think that enough people know about ASMR so I wanted to share my favorite artists & help more people explore ways to help themselves!  The first time you watch an ASMR video you might be confused, you might be weirded out (depending upon what video you watch), but the first time you find a trigger that works you’ll understand why this community exists.

This month’s ASMR artist is one of the people who helped me explore my interest in this area : Massage ASMR Dmitri lives in Austrilia and produces VERY high quality content for the ASMR community, one of the reasons he is my favorite is because of the variety of content he creates for us!  If you are new to ASMR he has videos featuring tons of different triggers so check out a few and figure out what types of triggers you have.

These are a few of my favorite videos from Dmitri:

This video was the first time I experienced an artist using Tibetian singing bowls, which I’ve found now I really enjoy!

The strong brushing sounds in this video are heaven to my ears, this is pretty high on the list of favorites.

If you are anything like me and enjoy the sound of rain this video will be on repeat for you!  The visual effects in this one are also pretty cool!

So there you have it… one of my favorite ASMR artists.

  • If you are new to ASMR let me know what you think. 
  • If you are also an ASMR-er please share some recommendations of other artists for me to checkout! 




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