Why I’m motiviated to workout & stay fit.

Welcome to the final post in a series about motivation. Two weeks ago we talked about what helps you to stay motivated in the moment, last week we focused on getting motivated for the day/workout, & this week I want to focus on those long term motivations – the things that truly keep you coming back for more.

This can be a combination of things, but for me it comes down an idea (paraphrased) one of my favorite instructors shared once.

We workout for the good times, the beach, the bar, but we also workout for the bad times.

He shared this nugget of wisdom with us right after he got back to work after healing from an injury, which initially seemed like it would take much longer to heal. The doctor (and plenty of research) said that being an athlete helps you bounce back much quicker. If you are someone who pushes yourself to the limit normally you’ll be able to handle the hardwork it takes to recover from illness or injury. Think of your workouts like an insurance policy it’s there incase you need it – I hope that you never do, but if you do you’ll be happier for it.

This also connects to one of the other things that motivates me, which is the idea that I might not always be able to be as active as I am now.  I have seen first hand the effects that limited mobility can have on someone’s health, so I think its important to keep moving for as long as I can.


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