The past week in Chicago has been filled with sub-30’s temperatures which for me means I’m trapped inside most of the time.  I’ve always been the type of person who just can’t relax on days like these, as soon as it’s too cold to be outside I immediately want to leave my apartment.  I try not to let the cold dictiate my life too much.. but it’ *really* cold right now.. so instead of going outside I’m sitting at my desk filed with wanderlust.

I’ve got my sights set on three particular trips right now:

  • another cruise
  • NYC
  • outdoorsy exploration
The Norwegian Jewel

If you haven’t had a chance to read about the Alaskan cruise I took last year check out these posts – The BoatThe ServiceAlaksa If it isn’t evident from the posts… I loved the experience & have been thinking a lot about what my next cruise should be.

NYC Wanderlust
I think I need to do a helicopter tour of NYC. this view is amazing!

The first time I went to NYC was in the eight grade & I loved every second of it, the love has continued to grow over the years & NYC is one of those places I’d be happy to visit every year.  The city fills me with such inspiration & love for life, it’s so easy to find something new and exciting!  I want to get lost exploring Tribeca, take a spin class in Chelsea, have lunch in Central Park, & finish the day with drinks in Soho.

Wanderlust Nature
The Norwegian Jewel

The final trip I’m currently planning is a basically the polar opposite of the other two… The Wilderness.. I am already thinking about the first hike I want to take this Spring.  In the fall I took advantage of time away from Chicagot explore nature & it really drove me to want to spend even more time disconnected & away in the upcoming year.  I’m currently exploring the option of traveling through Canada via rail this summer so I can soak up as much nature as possible!

  • What types of trips do you dream about?
  • Where does you mind go when it needs an escape?

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