3 Motivators To Drive Your Workouts

This week I want to talk about something that can make or break your daily, weekly, even long term goals. Motivation. It’s a simple word, but it can make a huge difference in your ability to push for that final 30 seconds or finish the last round in a tabata style workout.  I break motivation down into a few things: in the moment, for the workout, and for your overall goals.  The next few weeks I’ll be featuring each of them in a post.

Last week we talked about staying motivated in the moment – pushing just a little harder, this week I want to focus on being motivated for the workout.  I tend to think of this area as what got me off the couch or out of bed & into the gym.

PR or record setting – This specific workout might be the 45th day in a row of yoga, it might be your 33rd spin class, or it could just be that you feel like today is the day you finally break that mile pace. These are all great reasons to both get & keep you motivated as you are finishing the class out!  If you go to a gym where you can see live stats this might be a big motivator for you, I know that when I’m Sproing Sport I always try harder because I can see the level of work that I’m doing.

Prep Work – Who doesn’t kick it into beast mode the last few days before a vacation? This could be that for you, maybe you have a big work event coming up & know that working out before will make you more energized (or calm).  This was actually what got my on the path I’m on today, a few months before my 30th birthday I set an (unrealistic) goal… but it paid off & now I can’t imagine going a few days without a workout.

Just for the health of it – Listen, we aren’t going to want to workout everyday, some days the motivation just isn’t there… and those days you just gotta suck it up and go. The good side to this is that most of the time within five minutes of class starting you get excited, you start to feel the endorphins, & you forget all about it!   These are the days that those ideas from last week are the most important, they will help push you towards your long term goals.


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