3 Tips for a Motivating Workout

The start of a new year is a great time to refocus yourself on your goals – if you happen to have a fitness/health related goal this post is for you!  This week I want to talk about something that can make or break your daily, weekly, even long term goals. Motivation. It’s a simple word, but it can make a huge difference in your ability to push for that final 30 seconds or finish the last round in a tababa style workout.  I break motivation down into a few things: in the moment, for the workout, and for your overall goals.  The next few weeks I’ll be featuring each of them in a post.

I like to think of the first topic as “in the moment” motivation.  These are the things that keep you going for one more rep, one more revolution on the bike, or one more minute on the treadmill. Personally there are 3 things that affect me at this level; music, scenery, and the instructor.

If I’m in a class with bad music I can sorta feel it’s impact on my workout, but in a class with great music I can absolutely feel a difference in the level of energy I’m willing/able to put out.  Its not as simple as loading up your favorite artist or band, you really have to find a selection that can motivate you for the specific style of workout you are doing.  In today’s technological society there are tons of ways to find music created just for workouts, you could try the Spotify running feature or download a playlist from your favorite gym.

The scenery of your workout is important  as well & no, I don’t mean the attractiveness of the people around you!

  • Do you have mirrors to check your form?
  • Does competition factor in?
  • Are there motivational signs up in the gym?

If I’m in a spin class I really prefer to be able to check how I’m doing in comparison to others, but that’s because I have a competitive side to me, so I enjoy the Torq Board at Flywheel.  If I’m in a strength building class I need to have a spot with access to a mirror, because I check my form a lot!  I want to make sure that I’m following the directions & doing the workout correctly!

The final element for me is the instructor, is this someone that gets me excited? Does this personal honestly care how I’m doing in class?  If you are in a class with a distracted instructor you aren’t getting the full benefit of group fitness classes!  I love knowing that if I’m not doing something with correct form I will be adjusted, that I’ll be pushed to try something outside my comfort zone, & that I’m not in this alone.  If you are in Chicago there are some great instructors at places like Flywheel, Full Psycle, and Sweat. They make an early morning workout so much easier to get excited about.

What song is your go to motivator?  Next week I’ll be sharing my thoughts for how to get motivated for the workout – not in it!


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