My picks for Best Dressed at the 2016 Golden Globes

If you are anything like me you are more than excited that Award season is upon us!  I look forward to this time of year EVERY year because it means a few things..

  • Exposure to new creators, authors, actors, and musicians who can take me on an adventure!
  • Time spent with friends and family, I’m a huge supporter of Award Season parties!
  • Lots of new popcorn recipes!
  • and finaly.. Fashion.

I was tuned in with the E! team this afternoon well before the beginning of the show and while we certainly got to see lots of looks (some amazing.. some well.. they are looks), I tend to be more positive and only want to share my best dressed from the 2016 Golden Globes.

Olivia Wilde is, atleast in my eyes, the clear winner of the best dressed of the evening!  I love this dress, the slight sheen/glitter of the gown combined with a perfect fit makes for a fabulous look.  I also really enjoy the almost choker jewels.

Jamie Alexander, star of NBC’s The Blindspot, took a risk and it paid off dramatically for her!  The hair could be better, but the print and volume of this look offset that for me.

Jenna Dwan manages to outshine her husband Channing in this dramatic outfit which not only grabs but demands attention.  The thing I love most about this dress is sparkle which looks much classier than a full sequin gown.

The Golden Globes themselves were an interesting few hours, I can’t say that I loved the entire award show… but overall it was a good time. There were plenty of other well dressed women & men, but these were my favorites!   Who were some of your best dressed?


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