Sci-Fi Block Review – November 2015

If you read my end of year recap for Birchbox 2015 I mentioned that while I love getting my Birchbox… I think it’s time to widen my “box of month” experience.  I cancelled my Birchbox subscription for the upcoming year & instead am going to try out all different types of boxes this year!

The first box I decided to try was from the company Nerd Block, who actually have 7 different boxes (or block’s as they call them) you can choose from!!!!  I decided to go with the Sci-Fi block for the first month.. in part because Star Wars was coming out and I was hoping for some BB-8 love!

The Nerd Block normally costs 19.95 + 9.95 shipping, I’m not committing to a long term commitment, but typically you get a discount if you do… I’d encourage you to check on that if you are interested.  My box this month contained 6 different items, once you include shipping that equates to about 5 bucks per item.. which is a pretty good deal!

Lets jump into the Sci-fi Block and see what I got this month

Nerd Block Keychain – This is item that I was the least excited about this month, it’s a standard “sci-fi” designed ray-gun.. just not something I’m going to get at on of use out of myself.

X-Files Patch – I am VERY excited for the return of the X-Files this January, so getting this patch made the entire box worth it for me!  I haven’t decided what I’ll be adding this to just yet… but it’ll absolutely be getting used.

Trio of Star Wars Baddies Posters – I haven’t figured out where to put these, but I enjoy the style of the artwork & appreciate the timing of this one.

Storm Trooper Shirt – Nerd Block Exclusive – I was very happy to get this item, it’s a killer design, nice fitting/feeling t-shirt, & gave me something to wear to my viewing of Force Awakens.

Captain Malcolm Funko Pop Figure – Do I need another Pop Figure… no.. have already added him to my desk, yep!  I wasn’t a fan of Firefly the first time around.. but it’s on my list to rewatch, I think it’d be more interested in now.

Tribbles Screen Cleaner – Is this specific screen cleaner necessary in my life… nope, but if I’m going to have one why shouldn’t it be a Trible? This is one of those standout memories of Star Trek for me, so I love it.. plus it’s a conversation starter.

Interested in getting your own Sci-Fi (or nerd, gaming, etc) Block?  Click my link to sign up (& help me afford more boxes of the month!)



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