Best of Birchbox Man 2015 – Hair Care

This week is the final installment of the 2015 Best of Birchbox Man series, I’ve shared my favorites in Skincare, Cologne, Lifestyle Products and now finally I’ll be sharing my favorite category, haircare.  One of the things I like most about Birchbox is that I’ve gotten to not only try new brands – but also completely new types of products! 

If you recall, I said that I’ve only actually purchased two products after trying these samples, one was an aftershave & the other is one of the favorites from this post!  If you are someone who is trying to figure out ways to change up your haircare game, Birchbox is perfect for you!  I received a haircare product almost every month!

Best Haircare products from Birchbox Man 2015


Parlor by Jeff Chastain – Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray – This is one of the two products I’ve loved enough to purchase in full size from the Birchbox shop.  I love this product because it provides a light hold, I can use this in the morning & am happy with the hold throughout the day, but am not concerned about how it’s going to react to an evening workout.  If I use traditional gels or pomades those tend get messy when I’m sweating. PLUS the scent on this product is awesome! 

Baxter of California – Grooming Lotion – Another light hold (can you sense a theme?) but the difference for this one is the way that you apply – it makes for a much more directed style.  The hold is great & it’s Baxter of California, so you know the scent is good!

Malin & Goetz – Sage Styling Crème – This because a favorite of mine as soon as I opened by box!  The scent alone is great, but the ease of use & texture that it gave my hair made it a product that I reached for constantly.  I took this on a summer trip and didn’t need anything else – it’s a great all in one way to style your hair!

Parlor by Jeff Chastain Shampoo – Another winner from this brand!  I don’t often find myself reaching for the shampoo samples, they tend to be too specific in nature, i.e. texturizing, moisturizing, oily, etc  but this one is perfect (I think for everyone.. but at least for me).  The texture of your hair once you use this product will make you a fan, it doesn’t overly strip the hair BUT also doesn’t leave any build up.  

I hope you enjoyed this Best of Birchbox 2015 series, if you need to catch up (or just want to pick up some of my favorites) here are the rest of my favorites from 2015.



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