Best of Birchbox Man 2015 – Cologne

This week’s installment of the Best of Birchbox Man 2015 continues with one of my favorite types of items to get, fragrance and cologne samples!  Over the course of the year I’ve received 9 samples from a number of different brands, so narrowing it down my favorites was somewhat hard, but I managed to do it!


The Best Colognes from Birchbox Man 2015

English Laundry – Royal Aqua – This is the big winner for the year – if I was wearing cologne chances were it was this!  Billed a s a drink on the water, combining the simple style of an Englishman with floral note.

Clean – Classic – A scent that would only work for those guys comfortable pushing the link between “manly” & “unisex” but for those of us who are comfortable in this area.. it’s great!  The scent manages to complement without being overpowering.

Atelier Cologne – Great scent, it has strong lemon & citrus scents & seems like one that would work with anyone who prefers less traditionally “masculine” scents.


English Laundry – Cambridge Knight – This one surprised me, when I initially tired it I wasn’t a fan, but I love it now!  It has a musky base with black currant & pepper mixed in, I’m not stypically the biggest fan of these scents but the combination works!



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