Best of Birchbox Man 2015 – Skincare

This week’s round up for 2015 Best of Birchbox Man is going to focus on one that tends to get sent often… skincare. I’m like most guys and could absolutely use some help in this area, so I’m happy to receive these as often as they get sent out!

This is a hard category to review because there are so many different types of products and needs but ultimately these are just my top skin care items. If you have dry or sensitive skin these might not be best for you, likewise I included two aftershave samples, so for my beard buddies.. recommend those to a friend.

Best of 2015 Birchbox Man Skincare

Harrys Aftershave – this has the honor of being onne of the few items I’ve purchased in full size. The price point on this is great, just a few dollars more than Gilette but substantially higher quality. Great aftershave without the burn or drying you might get from a drug store option.

Baxter of California After Shave – The second aftershave I opted to inclde in this Best of 2015 list is from one of my all time favorite brands.   The texture and scent on this is awesome, if you like any other Baxter of California products you will love this!

Ursa Major Face Wash – I love this face wash for those days when you just feel really dirty! I can’t use it everyday, much too intense for that… but as a deep cleaner this is great! The scent is great & the fact that it’s all natural is a great bonus!

Coola After Sun -While this product hasn’t got much use recently it stands out as a favorite from the warmer months! I actually got this one during the Birchbox Live event after talking to some women who had it in their box previously. The scent is great, the cooling without being aloe, and fact that it immediately absorbs into the skin makes it the perfect post sun lotion!

DTRT Dear Matt – The final item to make this list is a recent sample, which took a few uses for me to fully understand and appreciate. The DRTR Dear Matt lotion is a matifying product, so if you have oily skin this is perfect for you! The texture is similar to other matifiers, has a great scent, & actually does what it claims. I find the matifying effect to hold for at least the work day without the need to reapply.  ‎


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